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Olympus OM-D full frame mirrorless camera coming at Photokina 2014


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Olympus is rumored to announce an OM-D mirrorless camera with a full frame image sensor and support for Sony E-mount lenses at Photokina 2014.

There is no secret that the Photokina 2014 will take place this September in Cologne, Germany. For the time being, this event remains the biggest of its kind and most (if not all) digital imaging product makers will be present there.

The latest rumor about new devices coming at the Photokina 2014 consists of a new Olympus OM-D camera. The current line-up consists of the high-end E-M1, middle-end E-M5, and the low-end E-M10.

The upcoming shooter will probably not fit anywhere in this series. This may sound strange, but only because this is a very odd rumor. Either way, a source who claims to be familiar with the matter, has revealed that Olympus will launch an OM-D camera with a full frame sensor and E-mount lens support during the aforementioned event.

Olympus to launch OM-D camera with full frame sensor and E-mount lens support at Photokina

olympus-om-d-cameras Olympus OM-D full frame mirrorless camera coming at Photokina 2014 Rumors

This is the current Olympus OM-D camera line-up. The E-M1, E-M5, and E-M10 are rumored to be joined by another OM-D camera which will feature a full frame sensor and E-mount lens support.

As stated above, this is rather strange, but rumors are like this sometimes, therefore we should not rule out the possibility of an Olympus OM-D full frame mirrorless camera coming at the Photokina 2014.

The Japanese company is no longer selling interchangeable lens cameras with full frame sensors. If it were to make one, then Micro Four Thirds compatibility would be lost, so Olympus would need to create another lens system.

Instead of building a new lens mount, Olympus will rely on the one developed by its long-standing partner: Sony. The A7, A7R, and A7S are mirrorless cameras with full frame sensors and E-mount lens support.

FE-mount lenses will reach a total number of 14 by the end of the 2014, the rumor mill has previously said. This would become a very strong line-up and it would make sense for Olympus to go with it.

Anyway, this is just a rumor and you will have to take it with a pinch of salt.

The supposed specs of the alleged Olympus OM-D full frame mirrorless camera

Sony will also supply the full frame image sensor for the new Olympus OM-D camera. It is said to consist of 32 megapixels and to offer an ISO sensitivity between 50 and 102,400.

The shooter will be powered by a brand new dual-core image processor which has been designed by Olympus itself. Despite its power, the high amount of pixels will limit its continuous shooting mode to only 3fps.

Another rumored specification consists of the USB 3.0 compatibility. Unfortunately, it seems like the sensor will not offer image stabilization features, so users will have to rely on the lenses, a tripod, or other solutions to stabilize the camera.

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