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Olympus files patent for Google Glass-like device


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Olympus has filed a patent for a Google Glass-like wearable computer, which may make its way on the market in the near future.

Wearable computers with heads-up displays (HUDs) have been around on the market for quite a while. Unfortunately, their high prices and low levels of exposure have damaged the sales, meaning that consumers have not really adopted this type of device.

olympus-wearable-computer Olympus files patent for Google Glass-like device Rumors

Olympus’ wearable computer patent consists of a Google Glass-like device that sports a camera and a heads-up display.

Olympus follows the Google Glass lead and files patent for wearable computer with HUD

Everything has changed when Google announced Glass. Suddenly, these gadgets have become cool and everybody wants one. However, the search giant has released a test version, called Explorer edition, which is available for developers.

It seems like Google will have another competitor in the future and it is not Microsoft or Apple, tough both of them are rumored to be working on Glass-like gadgets. Competition is coming directly from Japan, courtesy of Olympus, which has filed for a patent describing a Glasses-type terminal.

Olympus’ Google Glass-like device features a camera and a display

The Olympus patent has been filed in Japan in late 2011, or October 20 to be more exact. It appears that the corporation has just received approval from the regulators, which have published the document on May 13, 2013.

The patent describes a pair of glasses which feature “camera and display equipment”. Both the written and the visual descriptions match a terminal similar to Google’s Glasses. However, only the camera and the display received a mention, while other features remain unknown.

No mentions of future implementation, but it is a sign that the future is now

Other details confirmed by the patent application include the ability to adjust the position of the computer. Since not all people have the same eye position, they need to adjust the display so that it can project images directly on their retina.

For the time being, Olympus has not announced any plans to release Google Glasses-like device. However, the company will kill the V-series of its point-and-shoot cameras, in order to focus on bigger, more expensive shooters, like the rumored OM-D E-M6.

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