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Olympus to use Sony image sensors in new DSLR cameras


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Olympus president, Hiroyuki Sasa, has given an interview with Japan-based publication, Toyo Keizai, revealing plenty of details about the company’s future plans, including the alliance with Sony.

Olympus has been involved in quite a few scandals recently. Several company executives have been accused of forging financial assets and now they are facing jail time. However, this does not mean that Olympus is dead, it means that it is going through a rough period.

Add into account the fact that digital camera sales have dropped and it is easy to see that Olympus will have a hard time in getting back to top positions. Either way, the company’s president has a plan and he says that it is going to work.

olympus-president-hiroyuki-sasa Olympus to use Sony image sensors in new DSLR cameras News and Reviews

Olympus president, Hiroyuki Sasa, has been interviewed in Japan regarding the company’s future plans. The president has revealed that future Sony cameras will use Zuiko lenses, while Olympus shooters will come packed with image sensors coming from the PlayStation maker.

Olympus will cut down investments in compact cameras, president says

In an interview with Toyo Keizai, president Hiroyuki Sasa has revealed that Olympus will invest less in compact digital cameras, because the company is aiming to focus on fewer, but better models.

Previously, it has been revealed that the Japanese company will no longer manufacture the V-series of point-and-shoot devices, which are priced under $200. Since the sales in the compact department have dropped, there is no point in releasing as many models as a few years ago.

Mr. Sasa added that the mirrorless camera industry is doing very well on the Asian markets, but admitted that Olympus is struggling in the United States and Europe.

The Sony-Olympus alliance is real and it will have surprising outcomes

Going further into the interview, Sasa has confirmed that a huge number of Olympus cameras will be powered by Sony sensors. The PlayStation maker has already started supplying image sensors and it will not stop anytime soon.

Additionally, Olympus will return the favor by sending its Zuiko lenses Sony’s way. It is not said whether they will be aimed at A-mount or E-mount shooters, but a fair guess would be that Zuiko optics will become available for all Sony cameras.

New Olympus DSLR cameras coming in the near future

The company’s president has also revealed that Olympus is ready to release new DSLR cameras. The industry will witness the launch of new high-end cameras in the future, as the Japanese manufacturer is not ready to quit the digital camera market yet.

The camera segment is no longer profitable, but this does not mean that Olympus is giving up, Sasa said. The company’s president added that the advancements in camera sensors are the driving force behind the medical business, which cannot be abandoned.

Plenty of rumors and predictions regarding the company’s plans

In the meantime, Olympus is rumored to announce a Micro Four Thirds camera with a hybrid FT-MFT mount, a 400mm f/4 lens for Sony A-mount shooters, and an E-M5 successor, called E-M6.

On the other hand, analysts believe that the Olympus brand will eventually die in the United States. Their reasoning includes camera sales reduction, increasing smartphone adoption, and the low expectations set by the company.

Only time will tell if the rumors and predictions become true, but Olympus is still alive and kicking, for now.

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