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Olympus TG-870 and SH-3 compact cameras officially revealed


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Olympus has officially unveiled the Stylus TG-870 and Stylus SH-3 compact cameras, which appear to feature similar specifications, but will be released on the market for different types of customers.

Compact cameras still have a place and purpose in today’s consumer market, therefore there is no surprise that companies are constantly launching new models. The most recent units have been announced by Olympus and they are called Stylus TG-870 and Stylus SH-3.

Both new cameras are replacing older versions, such as the TG-860 and the SH-2. The list of improvements is not big, but they are enough to warrant their launch, albeit only in Japan, as the Olympus TG-870 and SH-3 have only been introduced in the manufacturer’s country of home.

Olympus TG-870 is the company’s latest Stylus Tough compact camera

The Stylus TG-870 is a Tough-series camera. This means that it is a rugged device that is resistant to water, low temperatures, dust, shocks, and crushes. It is designed for people with an adventurous lifestyle who want to record all their actions without worrying about breaking their camera.

olympus-tg-870-green Olympus TG-870 and SH-3 compact cameras officially revealed News and Reviews

Olympus TG-870 features a 5x optical zoom lens and a 16MP image sensor.

When it comes to its specs, the Olympus TG-870 features a 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch-type image sensor with a 5x optical zoom lens that delivers a 35mm focal length equivalent of 21-105mm.

On the back, users will find a 3-inch 920K-dot LCD that can be tilted upwards by 180 degrees. This could be useful for capturing selfies, which may be shared on social networking accounts thanks to built-in WiFi and with the help of a smartphone.

Additionally, the camera comes packed with integrated GPS, allowing users to know the precise location where their photos and videos were captured. As for the new stuff, the Stylus TG-870 comes with six new types of Art Filters, such as Light Tone, Cross Process, Gentle Sepia, Vintage, Lee New Clair, and Water Color.

The press announcement reads that Olympus will release the camera on February 26 in white and green color variations. Price and international availability details remain unknown for now.

Stylus SH-3 premium camera announced along with 4K video recording

Travel photographers have welcomed the premium look and feel of the Olympus Stylus SH-1 camera. A couple of years later the Olympus Stylus SH-3 has been born and it comes with a similar 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch-type sensor offering a 125-6400 ISO sensitivity range.

olympus-sh-3-silver Olympus TG-870 and SH-3 compact cameras officially revealed News and Reviews

Olympus SH-3 compact camera is capable of shooting videos at 4K resolution.

There are a few new additions compared to its forerunners. The Stylus SH-3 is capable of recording 4K videos at up to 15fps. The consumer demand for 4K video technology means that more and more higher-end cameras will have to offer such capability, so it is not surprising to see it in this model.

Just like the SH-2, the SH-3 also features a 5-axis image stabilization technology and built-in WiFi. Anyway, the six new aforementioned Art Filters from the TG-870 can also be found in the SH-3.

This new compact camera also features a Night Scene Capture Mode that, in turn, sports the following modes: Night Portrait, Night View, Fireworks, Handheld Night, and Live Composite.

Olympus SH-3 and its 25-600mm (35mm focal length equivalent) lens will become available in silver and black colors in late February in Japan.

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