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Olympus introduces Titanium E-M5 Mark II Limited Edition kit


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Olympus has unveiled the new Titanium version of the OM-D E-M5 Mark II camera, which consists of a Limited Edition kit that includes special leather strap, card case, and owner’s card.

At the beginning of 2015, Olympus took the wraps off of the E-M5 Mark II mirrorless camera, the company’s first unit to employ a high-resolution mode that captures 40-megapixel photos from a tripod.

Back in 1994, the company released the OM-3T/Ti camera in a special titanium color. In order to pay a tribute to the OM-3T/Ti, Olympus has decided to create a Limited Edition kit of its most recent Micro Four Thirds shooters, so the Titanium E-M5 Mark II has been born.

olympus-e-m5-mark-ii-titanium-limited-edition Olympus introduces Titanium E-M5 Mark II Limited Edition kit News and Reviews

Olympus E-M5 Mark II Titanium Limited Edition kit will be painted in a titanium color, while its spec list will remain identical to the spec list of the regular E-M5 Mark II version.

Olympus reveals Titanium E-M5 Mark II version with special accessories

In regards to the specifications list, the regular E-M5 Mark II and the Titanium versions are identical. However, the latter will be a Limited Edition kit that will be sold in only 7,000 units across the world.

The special version will be released towards the end of June for a price of $1,199.99, whereas the conventional model is available right now at Amazon for a price of $1,049. It is worth noting that the Titanium E-M5 Mark II can be pre-ordered from Amazon for the aforementioned price tag.

olympus-e-m5-mark-ii-titanium-limited-edition-strap Olympus introduces Titanium E-M5 Mark II Limited Edition kit News and Reviews

The Titanium Limited Edition of the E-M5 Mark II will include a special leather strap.

For the bigger price, the Titanium unit is painted in a titanium color where you would normally see silver or black. Additionally, a premium leather strap will be added into the package.

Since you are one of the 7,000 buyers, you will receive a special owner’s card that features the production number of the camera. The card will be joined by a premium leather card case, which can be used to store and to carry your cards.

The list of specialties ends here, but Olympus is certain that photographers and collectors will appreciate “the value of this special camera”.

olympus-e-m5-mark-ii-titanium-limited-edition-card Olympus introduces Titanium E-M5 Mark II Limited Edition kit News and Reviews

Only 7,000 units will be made and they will come with an owner’s card. The production number will be embedded in the card. A card case will be included in the package, too.

Firmware update 1.2 to be released for E-M5 Mark II in June 2015

Olympus has also confirmed that a firmware update will be released in June 2015 for the OM-D E-M1 Mark II. The firmware version 1.2 will include an Underwater Picture Mode, while providing several bug fixes.

The changelog is not definitive and will be explained in detail before its release date. Nevertheless, users should not expect any major changes.

The Titanium E-M5 Mark II will come with firmware update 1.2 pre-installed. Stay tuned to Camyx for further details!

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