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Olympus TRIP-D camera instead of new XZ-series compact


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Olympus is allegedly working on a compact camera with a large image sensor, which could be called TRIP-D, while the XZ-series has been put on hold indefinitely.

The last model of the Olympus XZ-series is the XZ-10, which was introduced at the end of January 2013 and released on the market in March 2013.

Ever since its launch, the rumor mill has been speculating about the future of the line-up. A new model was supported to be introduced at the beginning of 2014, but it failed to show up.

Meanwhile, sources have been talking about the return of a TRIP camera in the form of a digital shooter. These rumors are back and they are also suggesting that there are no plans to reveal a new XZ shooter anytime soon.

olympus-xz-10 Olympus TRIP-D camera instead of new XZ-series compact Rumors

Olympus XZ-10 might be the last model of the XZ-series. Instead, the company could launch a digital version of its Trip 35 film camera.

Olympus TRIP-D could be launched to take on large-sensor compacts from rivals

As the sales of compact cameras continue to decrease at alarming rates, many digital imaging companies are cutting down the amount of compacts being thrown on the market.

What might be just a testimony to keeping its promises, Olympus may have cancelled the XZ-series. The manufacturer has repeatedly said that it is aiming to reduce the amount of low-end compacts in order to focus on higher-end products.

Fujifilm, Sony, Canon, and Panasonic are all doing this. These makers have announced the X100T, RX100 III, G7 X, and LX100 premium shooters in 2014, but Olympus has failed to provide an answer so far.

The already-rumored Olympus TRIP-D is once again said to be in development as a digital version of the Trip 35 film camera, which could feature a Micro Four Thirds sensor and a fixed, bright lens.

Do not write off the Olympus XZ-series, yet

As usual, this is a rumor, so readers must take it with a pinch of salt. Another reason for that is because another source has claimed that Olympus is indeed making another XZ-series camera earlier this year.

Back in April, a patent describing an 11mm f/1 lens aimed at shooters with 1/1.7-inch-type sensors was leaked on the web. The lens fits the description of an optic for XZ cameras, therefore we should not rule out any possibilities for the time being.

If this combination turns out to be true, then the optic will offer a 35mm equivalent of 50mm. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more details!

Source: 43rumors.

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