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Olympus TRIP-D compact camera rumored to be in the works


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Olympus is rumored to be considering to bring back the TRIP series of analog cameras in the form of a digital camera called Olympus TRIP-D.

A lot of photographers feel that the digital imaging world is somewhat over-crowded. There are too many choices available, confusing novice customers.

Nevertheless, the one who innovates the most shall be the one to prevail. Olympus has gone through a few years of troubles, but there are signs that suggest that the company is recovering.

Many had feared that Olympus would disappear from the photography world. However, it seems like the OM-D series is bringing a lot of money into the bank.

Still, the company is working on securing even more clients and the proper way to do this is by taking a look into the past. One of the most successful cameras in Olympus’ history is the Olympus TRIP 35 and the Japanese manufacturer is allegedly aiming to bring it back.

Olympus considering to bring back the TRIP 35 film camera in the body of a digital model

olympus-trip-35 Olympus TRIP-D compact camera rumored to be in the works Rumors

Olympus TRIP 35 is one of the company’s most popular cameras ever. A worthy digital replacement is rumored to be in the works and will be known as Olympus TRIP-D.

Introduced in 1967 as a compact camera, the Olympus TRIP 35 acted as a point-and-shoot-like camera with limited controls and only two shutter speeds.

Sources close to the company’s affairs are reporting that a so-called Olympus TRIP-D digital camera with a fixed lens and inspired by the TRIP 35 is under development.

It will feature a large sensor, though it does not say whether it is a Micro Four Thirds, APS-C, or a full frame one.

The latter is the most likely solution, as the TRIP 35 used to have one, too, along with a 40mm f/2.8 lens.

If it features a large sensor and a prime lens, then it will compete against a slew of powerful shooters, such as the Fujifilm X100s, Ricoh GR, and Nikon Coolpix A among others.

Olympus TRIP-D will continue the legacy of the TRIP 35, but its specs list will be reshaped from top to bottom

Among the specs of the Olympus TRIP 35 we can find a solar-powered selenium light meter. Since it gathered its power from the sun, it did not need a battery.

As stated above, it has featured two shutter speeds: 1/40th of a second and 1/200th of a second. It supported Kodachromes, thanks to its ISO of 25, while the maximum ISO setting of 400 allowed it to support Tri-X and other films.

The 40mm lens f/2.8 is regarded as one of the sharpest lenses of its time and its ease-of-use has propelled it as one of the top vacation cameras.

The Olympus TRIP 35 compact camera has been sold in more than 10 million units from 1967 to 1984.

With such a great history behind, the Olympus TRIP-D will have a lot to prove to the masses and will need an impressive specifications list, filled with cutting-edge technologies.

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