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ONDU Pinhole Cameras project seeks funding on Kickstarter


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Slovenian photographer, Elvis Halilović, has launched a Kickstarter project for the ONDU Pinhole Cameras, consisting of pinhole cameras with a unique and durable design.

Photographers tend to love pinhole cameras and such products seem to enjoy great popularity on funding platform Kickstarter. The latest person to launch a pinhole camera Kickstarter project is a Slovenia-based photographer Elvis Halilović.

Carpenter-photographer launches ONDU project on Kickstarter, consisting of wooden pinhole cameras

The photographer makes a living from doing industrial design and carpentry work, while in his spare time he constructs pinhole cameras. He claims that he has built about 40 pinhole cameras of different designs and sizes.

He has decided to take his passion further by launching the ONDU Pinhole Cameras project on Kickstarter, that will result in six camera sizes. All the cameras will be made out of wood and they will ship with building instructions, so that anybody can easily assemble them.

Meet the six ONDU Pinhole Cameras

The first pinhole camera is the ONDU 135 Pocket Pinhole that features a 25mm focal length and 0.2mm pinhole size. It can be yours by pledging $60.

The second product is the ONDU 135 Panoramic Pinhole, which captures images on 35mm film in the 36x24mm format. Additionally, it can double the frame, in order to capture panoramic photos with a 113-degree field-of-view. It features a 25mm focal length and it can be mounted on a tripod. Donating $80 to the cause will get you one of these cameras.

Up next comes the ONDU 6×6 Pocket Pinhole. This one also packs a 25mm focal length, but it puts images on 120mm film. The negatives will measure 56x56mm and they have a 115-degree FOV. This one costs $100.

The ONDU 6×12 Multiformat Pinhole camera has a larger focal length of 40mm. It also takes panorama photos, as it uses 120mm film. Its pinhole size stands at 0.3mm and it sports a tripod mount. It requires a $120 pledge to arrive at your doorstep.

Things get a lot more interesting once we get to bigger cameras, so here comes the ONDU 4″x5″ Large Pinhole, which sports a 4″x5″ film holder, 0.30mm pinhole, and 60mm focal length. All of that and a tripod mount will set you back $150.

Last but not least comes the ONDU Sliding Box Pinhole. It takes photos on 10.5×14.8cm photographic paper with the help of a 50mm focal length. This one is the most expensive, requiring $200, but it will also be available in a limited edition of just 100 pieces.

ONDU Pinhole Cameras project has already reached its goal

This Kickstarter project needs $10,000. Well, it actually needed this amount, as the photographer has managed to raise $30,677 in just a few days.

Please note that this amount is valid at the time of writing this article with about 26 days to go, so the photographer will definitely raise more money and build more units than first expected.

It will be curious to see how many ONDU Pinhole Cameras Elvis Halilović will have to manufacture.

Anyway, the Kickstarter page says that the estimated shipping time is October 2013 so the carpenter should begin his work because his next few months are fully booked.

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