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Optrix XD5 becomes world’s most rugged iPhone 5 case


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The world’s most rugged case for the iPhone 5 has been unveiled by Optrix, continuing the company’s legacy regarding durable smartphone cases.

Optrix, one of the most popular case manufacturers for iPhones, has returned to the market with a new case called XD5. It is dubbed as an “HD action sports camera” and is said to be the most rugged case for a smartphone with a wide-angle lens, as it can support all types of weather conditions.

optrix-xd5-rugged-iphone-5-case-wide-angle-lens Optrix XD5 becomes world's most rugged iPhone 5 case News and Reviews

World’s most rugged iPhone 5 case with a wide-angle lens is waterproof up to depths of 15 feet.

World’s most rugged iPhone 5 case with a wide-angle lens

The Optrix XD5 is an iPhone 5 case designed for smartphone owners looking for a rugged case that improves video quality and can withstand adverse weather conditions. Although it is thinner and lighter than its older sibling, the XD Sports Case, it is stronger and has a higher waterproof rating, as it can handle a depth of 15 feet.

Users now have access to all controls, including Power button and Volume keys, headset jack, and charging connector. The case also features a mounting system for interchangeable lenses. Apple’s latest smartphone can shoot 1080p full HD videos, but recording performance is improved thanks to a three-layer wide-angle lens made entirely out of glass.

Optrix XD5 case for iPhone package

The world’s most rugged iPhone 5 case will be delivered in an interesting package, says the company. Beside the main housing, the kit will also include two mounts, a quick release rail system, and a sled. This will allow the iOS smartphone users to mount their handset anywhere they want, adds Optrix’ founder.

The company also offers action sports video cases for other Apple products including iPhone 4S and 4, and the latest generation iPod Touch. Optrix claims the XD5 is aimed at racing drivers, surfers, skateboarders, and other people who enjoy outdoor sports.

Availability and price

The Optrix XD5 case for iPhone 5 is currently available for pre-order. Its price currently stands at $129.95. Free delivery is guaranteed, but the exact release date of the camera remains unknown. The company is expected to ship the XD5 for iPhone 5 by the end of this month.

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