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OTTO is a hackable GIF camera available on Kickstarter


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A team of developers from Oakland, California, has unveiled OTTO, a small, lightweight, and hackable camera built on the Raspberry Pi platform, which is now available on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a great way to discover innovative and fun projects. The camera industry does not make an exception from this, as lots of cool devices and accessories have been funded successfully, courtesy of this website.

The latest fun project consists of OTTO, a hackable GIF camera that is capable of doing exactly what its name is suggesting. It has been developed by a team of three Oakland-based developers and it can be pre-ordered right now through the popular crowd-funding platform.

OTTO unveiled as a WiFi-enabled GIF-making camera

OTTO is a very small and lightweight digital camera. However, it still sports a rotating crank, kind of like the ones found in film shooters. The rotating crank is used for making a GIF. Just rotate it, then it will capture the shots, and when you rewind the crank, the GIF is complete.

Once the GIF has been completed within the camera, OTTO makes use of WiFi technology to share the file to your smartphone.

The camera must be used in combination with the OTTO mobile app in order to work. Not only does the app feature a multitude of shooting modes, but it can also be set to share the “results” with your friends.

As stated above, the OTTO gallery consists of many modes, only limited by one’s creativity. The camera can be turned into a photo booth as well as a powerful time-lapse photography recorder.

The frame can be easily composed through OTTO’s built-in optical viewfinder.

OTTO is a hackable device powered by the Raspberry Pi module

otto-gif-camera OTTO is a hackable GIF camera available on Kickstarter News and Reviews

OTTO GIF-making camera features a 5-megapixel image sensor and 35mm lens (35mm focal length equivalent).

At first look, OTTO may not seem like a device that promotes high-quality photography. However, a camera is only as good as the person holding it, so the creators of the project are inviting users to experiment with the device as well as to tweak it.

The camera has been designed on the Raspberry Pi module that includes a 5-megapixel sensor. Additionally, it sports a 35mm focal length equivalent lens of 35mm. Additionally, the aperture has been set at f/2.

Since it is based on Raspberry Pi, then it means that it can be hacked. The software is open source, so the users can modify it altogether or they can simply write new pieces of code that can force the camera to do even more cool tricks.

Speaking of customization, OTTO is compatible with the so-called FlashyFlash that can be mounted onto the camera’s hotshoe and connected to it via a USB 2.0 port.

OTTO hackable GIF camera will surely meet its funding goal

otto-hackable-camera OTTO is a hackable GIF camera available on Kickstarter News and Reviews

The OTTO hackable camera can only be pre-ordered through Kickstarter. It is cheaper this way, as once it hits retail, the device will be more expensive.

At the time of writing this article, more than $58,000 had been pledged to the cause. The total amount that needs to be raised in order to become a real thing stands at $60,000.

There are 18 days left until the project’s completion, so it is unlikely that OTTO will not be successfully funded. If you hurry, you can secure an OTTO camera for $199, while the FlashyFlash bundle costs $249.

More details can be found at the camera’s official Kickstarter page, where you can also meet the developers.

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