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Photographer Interview: He Said, She Said ~ Two Different Perspectives

What happens when husband and wife also both earn their living from photography? Meet Travis and Jean – You will LOVE them!


ABC Project for Photographers: A Creative Photo Challenge

Learn how “letter” photography can increase your creatively and challenge your artistic side. Try this fun, artist photo project now.


How to Lasso, Clone, Use Actions and Burn in Photoshop

Learn to take out distracting objects and enhance your photos in Photoshop using cloning, the lasso tool and more.


Week 26 re-cap + theme for week 27 – MCP Project 52

Well Ellie you sure managed to get people thinking with week 26’s theme. Plenty of wonderful photos and so many different ways to interpret the theme. It is my pleasure to present 10 images that all tell their own story and in their own unique way represent “hidden object” by Marvett Smith   by newbiegirl…


iPad for Photographers: 6 Ways iPads Streamline Your Business

The iPad can help your photography business. Here are 6 different ways you can use the iPad to help your photography business.


MCP Project 52 – Week 15 Wrap Up + Week 16 Theme

Fifteen weeks in, eh?  It seems unreal that we’re that far along into the year, but here we are in mid-April.  Many congratulations to you, if you’ve kept up with the project and made a photo each week.  Here’s something to think about – how do you plan to showcase your work at the end…


MCP Project 52 – week 11 recap – welcome to week 12

Welcome to this week’s overview of the theme “darks and lights” where I’ll be highlighting just a very small sampling of the vast amount of fantastic photos submitted to our group pool. It is so great to see the number of members still growing; we’re at 3,100 now! And to think that the majority of those members regularly…


MCP Project 52 – Week 9 review & Week 10 launch

Welcome to our regular MCP Project 52 blog post where we’ll be looking back over week 9 and giving a little sneak preview of the new week 10 theme. And what a fun week it’s been, the theme “Express yourself” has inspired a lot of people to get out there and take some great photos. …


MCP Project 52 – Week 7 Wrap Up + Week 8 Theme

First off:  If you haven’t already done so, download the FREE Fusion Mini Action Sets for Photoshop and Elements!  You can download them from the MCP Actions website.  The full Fusion Action Set goes on sale March 1, 2011, so this is a super opportunity to try it before you buy it!  You can also…


Interview with Audrey Woulard, Professional Children’s Photographer

Interview with Audrey Woulard, Professional Children’s Photographer Last week, I had the opportunity to interview the talented and popular Chicago Children’s Photographer, Audrey Woulard. She is known for her natural light portraiture and her ultra sharp, colorful, with shallow depth of field photography. MCP Facebook Fans sent in questions and many attended this open dialog. …


MCP Project 52 – Features from Week 4 + Theme for Week 5

Welcome to our look back at week 4 of the MCP Project 52 and the launch of the theme for the coming week. This week has been an exciting one for MCP Project 52 as not only have we had loads of great submissions to the theme of Soothing Repetition we’ve also hit two big…


MCP Project 52 – Features from Week 3 + Theme for Week 4

It’s already time to recap week 3 and then move into week 4, where is the time going? . We have had another week of fabulous photos being added to the MCP Project 52, with so many wonderfully different interpretations of the theme Shades of Grey, it’s been really hard to choose our top ten.…


MCP Project 52 – Features from Week 2 + Theme for Week 3

Wow!  It’s been a tremendous week for MCP Project 52! We have over 2,100 participants and have seen nearly 1,000 photos added this week!  It’s a pleasure to be a moderator for MCP Project 52, as I get to see the submissions as they roll in each day! If you want to join in, check…


Project 52 Features from Week 1 + Theme for Week 2

Wow! What a response we’ve received!? And it was a short week, you all were only allowed half of the amount of time that you will have each week from here on out and we’ve seen so many amazing shots. We already have over 1,300 members of our Flickr group and we had more that…

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9 Photographer Cartoons to Make You Laugh or Cry!

If you are a professional portrait or wedding photographer, you will probably relate to some or most of these animated cartoons. Even some hobbyist photographers may get a laugh from them. Enjoy – but try not to take any of it too seriously or too personally… Warning: If slang/bad words bothers you, there are a…


Ready To Start Shooting With a Flash? Here’s Where to Start!

Part 4: Ready To Start Shooting With a Flash?  Here’s Where to Start! In the wise words of Zack Arias, “just start somewhere!” You know you have a shutter speed limit of 200, so I often start there; I then choose an aperture, usually something middle of the road say 5.6. I could use a…


MCP Actions Annual Blog Survey: The Results and Winners

The MCP Actions Annual Blog Survey is complete. I will leave the questions up, in case you missed it, but the results are in. And while my “Back to School” Multiple Choice Test was far from scientific, it did help me understand what you like, what you want more of, and what changes I can…


MCP’s Annual Back to School ~ Multiple Choice Blog Survey + Contest

Please participate in the MCP Back to School Blog Survey. Multiple Choices * Easy * Win Prizes!  I need your help to determine the direction and future of the MCP Blog. While I am sure the blog cannot be all things to all photographers, I want to learn what the majority of readers like, dislike,…


How To Create a High Key Image in Photoshop

How To Create a High Key Image in Photoshop by Michael Sweeney A classic look in photography is Black and White imagery. Black and white images are not always pure; sometimes they are sepia tone or cool blue tone, or even Duotone which is not B/W but most drop it into that catagory. It’s a…


Successes and Failures of a First Year Photographer

One Year Later: Successes and Failures of a First Year Photographer by Chelsea LaVere In the teacher world, there is a huge emphasis on the First Year. The First Year is all about what worked and more importantly, what didn’t work. It’s all about reflection, reflection, reflection. I am formally trained as an English major…


Wildlife Photography: 9 Tips for Photographing Animals in Nature

Wildlife photography is exciting and fun.  And once summer hits, or if you live in a warm climate, photographers of all specialties may want to give it a try. Thank you to Patricia Downey for this great article. Living in southwest Florida with its abundance of wildlife is bliss for me. While photographing wildlife can…


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