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Panasonic FZ300 registered alongside G7 and GX8 cameras


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Panasonic has registered the Lumix G7, Lumix GX8, and Lumix FZ300 cameras at the Wi-Fi Alliance, which means that the products will definitely come packed with built-in WiFi.

The rumor mill has previously revealed that Panasonic is working on the G7 and GX8 mirrorless cameras, which will be announced by the end of 2015. The Lumix G7 is expected to show up on May 19, while the Lumix GX8 will be revealed sometime later this summer.

Both the aforementioned shooters have just been spotted on the Wi-Fi Alliance website, a non-profit organization which holds the trademark for the Wi-Fi logo. It is a place where companies usually seek WiFi certification, so it means that the G7 and GX8 are coming and that they are featuring built-in WiFi.

However, a third WiFi-ready shooter has been spotted. It is called Lumix FZ300 and it is allegedly a camera with a fixed superzoom lens.

panasonic-cameras-wi-fi-alliance Panasonic FZ300 registered alongside G7 and GX8 cameras Rumors

Panasonic has registered the FZ300, G7, and GX8 cameras under two categories on Wi-Fi Alliance’s website.

Panasonic FZ300 shows up on Wi-Fi Alliance’s website

In the middle of 2014, Panasonic introduced the FZ1000, a superzoom bridge-like camera that is capable of recording 4K videos. The device has been launched to compete against the Sony RX10, courtesy of a 20.1-megapixel sensor and 24-400mm (35mm equivalent) f/2.8-4 lens.

It appears that the FZ-series will be expanded soon, but it will not be a FZ1000 replacement. It will be called Panasonic FZ300 and it will also offer a fixed-lens with superzoom capabilities.

As it was spotted on the Wi-Fi Alliance’s website, it is safe to assume that the camera will feature WiFi, just like the FZ1000. The rumor mill has not shared any details about this device, so it is likely that its announcement event is still many weeks away.

Panasonic also certifies G7 and GX8 Micro Four Thirds cameras

On the other hand, the G7 and GX8 have been mentioned by insiders on previous occasions. The former will replace the G6 on May 18, while the latter will become official during the summer of 2015.

Both models will employ WiFi technology and will allow users to remotely control them from a smartphone or tablet. Another similarity between the duo is said to consists of 4K video recording.

The Lumix G7 is said to feature the same sensor as the GX7, while the Lumix GX8 will most likely get a brand new sensor. As stated above, the official announcements are on their say, so stay tuned!

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