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Panasonic GF camera series put “on hold” in 2014


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Panasonic will not release any GF-series mirrorless cameras in 2014, while the company is still pondering a plan for next year’s Micro Four Thirds line-up.

Earlier this month a source familiar with Panasonic’s internal affairs has revealed that the company will not release the Lumix GF7 camera this year. Gossip talks are claiming that the Lumix GF6 replacement has been delayed for the time being and that it is very likely for the company to have cancelled the GF-series altogether.

Several trusted sources have come forth to partially confirm these allegations. Unfortunately, it seems like the Panasonic GF camera series has been placed “on hold” in 2014, although the company is still trying to determine its roadmap for 2015.

Panasonic GF camera series “confirmed” to be “on hold” this year

panasonic-gm1 Panasonic GF camera series put "on hold" in 2014 Rumors

Panasonic GM1 is the future of the company’s entry-level series. The GF series is on hold and it remains to be seen whether a GF7 is coming or not sometime in 2015.

Usually, these things remain hidden from public view, but it seems like consumers have to know and questions have been asked. The answer is that there will no Panasonic GF7 this year as the entire GF-series has been put on hold by the Japanese corporation.

For the time being, it seems like the Panasonic GF camera series is dead. However, it is still too early to make such bold claims, especially considering the fact that there are reasons to believe that the company is still sorting out its 2015 roadmap.

Panasonic will focus on the GM series introduced in 2013

Just like we were predicting, it seems like Panasonic will focus on the GM series, kickstarted by the GM1 in October 2013. As things stand, there is no point in having a GF series and a reason is that the GM1 is world’s smallest interchangeable lens camera.

It is an entry-level shooter for beginner photographers. The Lumix GM1 features a 16-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor, 1/16,000 – 60 seconds shutter speed, 3-inch touchscreen, built-in flash, and a continuous shooting mode of 7fps.

Nevertheless, the Panasonic GM1 does not sport a viewfinder (optical or electronic), on-sensor image stabilization, NFC, or a hot-shoe to attach external accessories. It is currently available at Amazon for around $560.

About the Panasonic Lumix GF6

The latest GF-series shooter has been introduced in April 2013. Panasonic has been refreshing the GF line-up on a yearly basis, but something weird happened in 2014 as a replacement for the GF6 was not  launched.

This Micro Four Thirds camera can be called at least a decent device with a 16-megapixel MFT sensor, 3-inch tilting touchscreen on the back, Venus image processor, manual modes, WiFi, NFC, and a 4.2fps continuous shooting mode among others.

Panasonic has not discontinued the GF6, which continues to be available at Amazon for less than $370. The fate of the GF series remains to be determined, so stay tuned to find out more details.

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