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Panasonic GH4 4K video camera specs leaked on the web


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Panasonic GH4 is rumored to be the name of the high-end Micro Four Thirds camera capable of recording 4K videos, which will be announced in 2014.

The rumor mill has recently revealed that Panasonic is working on a premium Micro Four Thirds camera.

Leaked details suggested that the device would come packed with 4K video recording capabilities and that it should become official next year as a part of the “GH” series, although not replacing the GH3.

panasonic-gh3 Panasonic GH4 4K video camera specs leaked on the web Rumors

Panasonic GH3 is not getting replaced soon. Instead, the GH4 will be a 4K video recording camera for videographers, not photographers.

Panasonic GH4 to be announced next year with 4K video recording capabilities

Inside sources are back with even more information that seems to back the initial claims. This new camera will definitely not replace the GH3 and will be much more expensive than the current shooter.

According to people familiar with the matter, the Panasonic GH4 will be announced next year as a Micro Four Thirds system capable of shooting 4K videos at 24, 25, and 30 frames per second.

Although its name suggests that it will replace the GH3, it is not like that as the “4” is there to represent 4K movie capturing. The GH3 replacement will most likely go by the name of GH5, but it is too early to discuss it.

Panasonic GH4 to feature high-resolution OLED screen and viewfinder

The leaked Panasonic GH4 specs list includes a large 1-million-dot OLED screen and a built-in 3-million dot OLED electronic viewfinder.

The next-generation Micro Four Thirds camera will pack a 16-megapixel will “full pixel readout”, which means that it grabs more dynamic range as well as a lot more color details than the usual sensors.

It will also support 10-bit 4:2:2 AVC Ultra codec, 200Mbit MP4 and 100Mbit IPB features, which will be more than welcomed by professional videographers.

Micro Four Thirds camera aimed at videographers, not photographers

Panasonic’s 4K-ready GH4 will have mini HDMI and 2.5mm audio ports on its left side.

The design is inspired by the GH3, but the upcoming MFT system will be much bigger to accommodate all the new features.

Additionally, a 3G-SDI and XLR adapter will sit on the shooter, further proving that this will be a video-centric shooter, which might not be feasible for conventional photographers.

Panasonic to sell GH4 for an aggressive price tag when compared to Canon EOS Cinema cameras

Sources have concluded that the Panasonic GH4 price will stand at $2,999, much more than the GH3’s current price of $998 at Amazon.

No mention of WiFi support, but it appears that the device is aiming to compete against the Canon EOS Cinema series.

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