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Panasonic GH4R with V-Log support coming on September 1?


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Panasonic is rumored to announce the GH4R mirrorless camera with V-Log support along with a new firmware update that will bring V-Log support to the conventional GH4 unit.

The rumor mill has been telling that the GH4 may get V-Log support from Panasonic for a long time. Many firmware updates have been released in the meantime, but none of them included this feature.

It appears that the rumors will become true in the near future, as the Japan-based company will reveal the GH4R camera. This device will be almost identical to the original GH4, the difference being that the new one will have built-in V-Log support.

Additionally, the current GH4 version will get a firmware update, which will provide V-Log support. However, the update will not be free and users will have to pay for it.

Panasonic GH4R mirrorless camera to be announced on September 1 with V-Log support

A trusted source is reporting that a Panasonic GH4R camera will become official soon. The announcement event might take place as soon as September 1, so it seems like the company is not wasting any time with this camera.

panasonic-gh4r-rumors Panasonic GH4R with V-Log support coming on September 1? Rumors

Panasonic will reportedly unveil a GH4R camera with V-Log support on September 1.

The Lumix DMC-GH4R will feature the same specifications as the GH4. The only change will be the V-Log support, which consists of a gamma curve offering a wider dynamic range along with more flexibility when it comes to color grading.

Overall, you could say that this change affects only videographers and, furthermore, only professional ones. It is an important feature in videography, as video quality will be greatly increased.

The new unit will be more expensive than the regular GH4, which is available for about $1,400 at Amazon. Nevertheless, we will hear everything there is to know about the Panasonic GH4R on September 1.

Current GH4 users allegedly getting V-Log support via paid firmware update

GH4 users will not be forgotten after GH4R’s introduction. Panasonic will release a firmware update for the GH4 that will bring V-Log support to its specs list.

The problem is that the update will not be free. It is not certain, yet, as this is a rumor, but the V-Log update for GH4 owners will be paid. The price is also unknown, but it should be revealed tomorrow.

For the time being, do not get your hopes too high. The best thing to do is to stay tuned for Panasonic’s V-Log announcement. We will let you know as soon as it goes live!

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