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Panasonic GH5 6K camera coming in 2016 fiscal year


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Reports in Japan are suggesting that Panasonic is working on a mirrorless camera that can shoot videos at a resolution of 6K and which will be released in the 2016 financial year.

Panasonic was among the first companies to launch an interchangeable lens camera with 4K video recording capabilities for consumers. The Lumix GH4 was revealed in February 2014 with plenty of features, especially for videographers.

In the past, we have heard rumors that the replacement of the GH4 will be record 8K movies. However, even now this sounds too far fetched, so the next logical step is 6K resolution.

Such predictions are in accordance with the latest details coming out of Japan. They are saying that the manufacturer is working on a 6K mirrorless camera that will be released on the market within the company’s 2016 fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2017.

Panasonic working on a mirrorless camera that records 6K videos

The latest rumors about Panasonic’s future plans are coming from a reputable source in Japan. We are not given too many details, however, Nikkan is reporting the fact a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that shoots 6K footage will be released by the end of the 2016 financial year.

panasonic-gh4 Panasonic GH5 6K camera coming in 2016 fiscal year Rumors

Panasonic Lumix GH4 might be replaced by the GH5, a camera that will record 6K videos.

It is said that this device will become the first to bring 6K resolution to the masses. For the time being, 4K resolution at 30fps remains the standard when it comes to high-resolution. However, the upcoming unit will record 6K videos at 30fps and, respectively, 4K movies at 60fps.

Sales of digital cameras are not recovering. Nevertheless, there are clear signs that mirrorless camera shipments will increase in the future, therefore Panasonic will continue to support this format.

The report goes on to say that the camera will be able to extract 18-megapixel stills while recording videos. This would require a higher-resolution sensor than the 16-megapixel unit found in the Lumix GH4.

Development of the Panasonic GH5 6K camera could be announced at Photokina 2016

There are no mentions regarding the name of the product, but there are speculations suggesting that it will be called GH5. The signs are there, such as being part of the GH-series and being aimed at consumers.

This means that the Panasonic GH5 6K camera will be the first of kind and it is all happening in about a year. As stated above, the company’s 2016 fiscal year will end on March 31, 2017.

It would not be surprising if the manufacturer will confirm the development of the device at the Photokina 2016 event. This might be followed by the official announcement at CES 2017 and for a release right at the beginning of the spring.

Unfortunately, only rumors and speculation regarding the Panasonic GH5 6K camera are now available on the web, so do not jump to conclusions for now.

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