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Panasonic GM1 price leaked along with kit lens photos


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The Panasonic GM1 price for the lens kit has been leaked, making the smallest Micro Four Thirds camera one of the cheapest among its competitors.

Panasonic will introduce the most compact Micro Four Thirds camera ever on October 17. The device will be called GM1, marking the introduction of a new series beside G, GX, GF, and GH.

The Japanese company is rumored to announce the GM1 camera alongside the 12-32mm lens. Additionally, the pair will be launched as an affordable kit that fits in your pockets.

As more and more details about the camera + lens kit are being leaked, the rumor mill has also managed to get a hold of the Panasonic GM1 price, as well as a couple of photos of the combination.

panasonic-gm1-photo Panasonic GM1 price leaked along with kit lens photos Rumors

The first Panasonic GM1 photo to be leaked on the web. It shows the camera in two colors, black and white, just like the 12-32mm lens.

Panasonic GM1 price for the kit lens version to stand between $600 and $700

Trusted sources, who have provided highly accurate information in the past, are claiming that the kit will be available for an amount between $600 and $700.

It will be a competitive price, not only for the Micro Four Thirds format, but also when put in perspective with mirrorless cameras from Fujifilm, Sony, Nikon, and others.

Nevertheless, the system has been designed to be a major blow to fixed-lens cameras, such as the RX100.

A lot of photographers are choosing these fixed-lens devices because they are pocketable, so Panasonic has decided to take matter into its own hands.

panasonic-12-32mm-lens-photo Panasonic GM1 price leaked along with kit lens photos Rumors

Panasonic 12-32mm lens photo reveals that this is a pancake optic with an f/3.5-5.6 aperture.

Metal-only construction for the 12-32mm pancake zoom lens

The GM1 is apparently made out of solid materials, while the 12-32mm lens is even better, as it features a metal-only construction, though the leaked information is not entirely suggestive.

Although it may sound disappointing to some photographers, the 12-32mm optic will have a maximum aperture of f/3.5-5.6. Nevertheless, potential customers should take into consideration the low price of the system.

Panasonic GM1 has some internals found in its higher-end sibling, the GX7, such as the sensor and processor. However, the size is reminiscent of the LF1, a fixed-lens compact.

Some Panasonic GM1 specs have already been leaked

Among the rumored specs of the new Micro Four Thirds system users will find a touchscreen LCD and integrated WiFi.

The 12-32mm lens is a pancake zoom without Power Zoom technology, meaning that it does not provide smooth and quiet autofocus during video recording.

As stated above, the kit is expected to be announced on October 17 so stay tuned to catch the details from the launch event.

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