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Panasonic GM1 release date rumored to be October 10


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Panasonic GM1 release date is rumored to be October 10, a day when the Micro Four Thirds system will go ultra-small and opt for an electronic-only shutter.

The beginning of the year has come with rumors regarding an ultra-compact Micro Four Thirds camera from Panasonic, back when it was supposed to join the GF series.

We are quickly approaching this year’s end and the device is still nowhere to be seen. However, the rumor mill claims that it is real and that it is coming soon.

Moreover, the new and small Micro Four Thirds shooter is said to be called Panasonic GM1, thus adding another series beside G, GF, GH, and GX to the company’s lineup.

panasonic-gf3 Panasonic GM1 release date rumored to be October 10 Rumors

Panasonic GF3 is about to be replaced as the smallest Micro Four Thirds camera ever by the so-called GM1. Its launch event will take place on October 10.

Panasonic GM1 release date scheduled for October 10

Since gossip talks are plenty right now, it appears that inside sources are claiming that the Panasonic GM1 release date is October 10.

During next week’s event, the Japanese company will reveal its smallest MFT camera ever. It will be even tinier than the GF3, as its measurements will resemble those of the Sony RX100.

Speculation also notes that the GM1 will be the first MFT without a mechanical shutter, which will be replaced by an electrical one.

Panasonic 12-32mm non-PZ pancake zoom lens coming at the same event

Panasonic will make further announcements on October 10. The recently-rumored 12-32mm non-PZ pancake zoom lens will also be introduced.

It consists of a pancake zoom lens that provides a 35mm format equivalent of 24-64mm.

The company’s PZ technology provides smooth and quiet zooming and focusing. Its absence means that the optic will be very cheap, thus being offered as the kit lens with the GM1.

The time of the Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 lens has come

Other notable details that will be revealed at the October 10 event are the exact release date and price of the Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 lens.

This product has been unveiled officially about three times in the past couple of years, but so far it has not been released on the market.

It seems that Panasonic and Leica will finally deliver it, therefore users will be able to benefit from goodies provided by a high-quality 85mm optic (35mm format equivalent) soon.

Olympus launching new Micro Four Thirds camera by the end of this month

The battle of the Micro Four Thirds will once again intensify, as Olympus is also preparing a couple of cameras.

One of them is a high-end compact with a fixed zoom lens, while the other one should be an entry-level shooter with an MFT sensor.

All will be revealed this month therefore you should stay tuned to find out all the details.

Meanwhile, the Panasonic GF3 remains the most compact MFT ever and is available for a price of $199 at Amazon.

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