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Panasonic GM2 specs list to include on-sensor stabilization


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Panasonic will introduce a replacement for the GM1 within the next few days. In the meantime, some specs of the Micro Four Thirds camera have been leaked on the web.

Several new Micro Four Thirds cameras are scheduled to become official as part of the Photokina 2014 trade fair. Panasonic will join the party with a mirrorless camera and at least one compact camera, which may or may not be the Lumix LX8.

As we are approaching the announcement event, more Panasonic GM2 specs have surfaced on the web in order to confirm that the MFT shooter will be a significant upgrade over its predecessor.

panasonic-gm2-specs-rumor Panasonic GM2 specs list to include on-sensor stabilization Rumors

Panasonic GM1 does not feature a hot shoe or an electronic viewfinder. Its replacement, the GM2, is said to offer both these options as well as on-sensor stabilization and 4K video recording.

Panasonic GM2 coming soon with on-sensor image stabilization, hot-shoe, and electronic viewfinder

Sources familiar with the matter are reporting that the Panasonic GM1 replacement will feature on-sensor optical image stabilization technology, while confirming that the device will also pack an electronic viewfinder and a hot-shoe to attach external accessories.

The GM1 was launched as an entry-level Micro Four Thirds camera. It does not employ on-sensor OIS, an EVF, or a hot-shoe. All these options are available in the higher-end GX7, which was also launched in 2013.

Judging by these rumors, Panasonic is planning to add some features into the GM2 that would rival the GX7, putting the future of the GX-series in doubt.

It is worth noting that insiders have previously reported that the G, GF, and GX series of cameras have been put on hold. If this turns out to be true, then the GM2 would actually replace all Panasonic mirrorless cameras, excepting for the GH series models.

Panasonic GM2 specs list might include 4K video recording

On the other hand, Henry’s, a digital imaging store in Canada, is inviting people to a special Panasonic event that will begin on September 5. The store is claiming that we will be able to see a “brand new 4K product” at the event.

This information is hand-in-hand with some rumors. It has been reported that the GM2 will be capable of recording 4K videos, so Henry’s invitation is giving us hopes that the rumor mill has been right once again.

A compact camera with a Four Thirds sensor is definitely coming, too

Panasonic will reportedly introduce at least one compact camera with a Four Thirds sensor. The Lumix LX8 has been delayed until late August, but it is supposed to employ a 1-inch-type sensor.

It is unclear whether the company has decided to put a bigger sensor into the LX8 or multiple compacts are on their way. The situation will be clarified within a few days, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the Lumix GX7 for about $700, while the Lumix GM1 costs around $500.

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