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Panasonic GM5 announcement date set for September 15


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Panasonic is rumored to announce the Lumix GM5 mirrorless camera and the Lumix LX100 compact camera, both featuring Micro Four Thirds sensors, on September 15, one day before Photokina 2014 opens its doors to visitors.

The Micro Four Thirds system will be expanded as part of the Photokina 2014 event. Both Olympus and Panasonic will have multiple new MFT products on-display at the world’s biggest digital imaging trade fair.

After revealing that the GM1 replacement will be called GM5 instead of GM2, 43rumors has received word that the Micro Four Thirds camera will be unveiled on September 15, although users are still wishing for the device to drop sooner.

In addition to the GM5, it appears that the Japan-based company will also introduce the LX100, a compact shooter with a Four Thirds sensor, that was first leaked under the name of LX1000.

panasonic-gm1-successor Panasonic GM5 announcement date set for September 15 Rumors

Panasonic GM1’s successor will be called GM5 and will be announced during a special event on September 15.

Panasonic GM5 announcement date will take place on September 15

Lots of Panasonic fans and the rumor mill were expecting the company to reveal its Photokina-bound line-up sometime by the end of August or during the first week of September. However, the latest information is pointing to a September 15 launch, just one day before the event.

There are several companies, including Samsung, which will announce their new cameras and lenses on September 15, a day when only the press has access to the Photokina booths. On September 16, the trade fair will be open to all visitors, who will also be able to test some of the newly-revealed products.

As the Panasonic GM5 announcement date is set for September 15, no new specs have been leaked in the meantime. The device is still expected to come packed with an integrated electronic viewfinder, optical image stabilization, and a hot-shoe.

On a side note, Amazon is selling the Panasonic GM1 for around $510 and the stocks are pretty low, which could mean that a replacement is nearing.

Panasonic will announce the LX100 camera and a couple of lenses on the same day

On the other hand, the Panasonic LX100 will be a fixed-lens compact camera with a Micro Four Thirds-sized image sensor. We are still trying to confirm whether the LX8 is the same device as the LX100 or not. If this is true, then it will become the successor to the two-year-old LX7.

This shooter will definitely be capable of capturing videos at 4K resolution. A similar capability will be provided by the aforementioned Lumix GM5.

The launch event could also include two new lenses, such as the elusive 150mm f/2.8 telephoto and the 35-100mm zoom models. Take these details with a pinch of salt and stick with us for more information!

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