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Panasonic GM5 and LX100 are the names of upcoming MFT cameras


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The replacement for the Panasonic GM1 is now rumored to be called GM5 instead of GM2, while the compact camera with a Four Thirds sensor will be named LX100 instead of LX1000, says a trusted source.

It all started with a rumor claiming that Panasonic will announce a new mirrorless camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor as well as a compact shooter with a similar sensor at Photokina 2014.

Shortly after that, sources have been able to confirm that the MILC will replace the GM1, while the compact will be capable of recording 4K videos.

Recently, it has been revealed that the cameras will be called GM2 and LX1000, respectively. However, a trusted source has decided to make a couple of corrections, as the devices will actually bear the GM5 and LX100 names, instead of the aforementioned ones.

panasonic-gm1-replacement Panasonic GM5 and LX100 are the names of upcoming MFT cameras Rumors

Panasonic GM1 replacement is rumored to be called GM5. Previously, the rumor mill has said that its name will be GM2.

Panasonic GM5 is the name of the GM1 successor

A reason for this naming scheme has not been supplied. Maybe it would have made more sense to call the GM1 replacement as GM2. Nevertheless, the Japan-based company is allegedly going with Panasonic GM5.

No new specs have been mentioned, which means that we can still expect the Micro Four Thirds camera to feature on-sensor image stabilization, built-in electronic viewfinder, 4K video recording capabilities, and a hot-shoe on its top.

The announcement date is rumored to have been scheduled only a few days before the start of Photokina 2014, therefore we can assume that the device will become official during the second week of September.

It is also worth mentioning that it is still unclear whether the GX-series has been discontinued or not. The good thing is that we will find that out in the neighboring future.

Panasonic LX100 to be the company’s first compact camera with a Four Thirds sensor

The other camera that is sure to come prior to the Photokina 2014 trade fair will be named Panasonic LX100. It has been previously-known as LX1000, which would have made sense as the company has launched a 4K-ready superzoom camera, called FZ1000, earlier this year.

This series could be the replacement of the regular LX models, but do not hold your breath over it, as a so-called LX8 could still become official.

Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that Panasonic might create some confusion among consumers, as the LX100’s name sounds very similar to the Sony RX100 series.

Ultimately, photographers will decide whether this is a good choice or not. Meanwhile, stay tuned as Panasonic will announce this Four Thirds compact camera before the GM5.

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