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Panasonic GM7 allegedly coming in early spring 2016


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The next Panasonic mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor is rumored to consist of the Lumix GM7 and to be unveiled sometime at the beginning of spring 2016.

Panasonic’s latest Micro Four Thirds camera is the Lumix GX8, which has been announced in mid-July 2015. It is a mid-range shooter, sitting below the GH4, which is the flagship model.

In the low-end category we have the Lumix GM5, which has replaced the Lumix GM1 at the Photokina 2014 event by bringing a built-in electronic viewfinder to this series.

The rumor mill is already talking about its successor, stating that the product in question is called Lumix GM7 and that it is the next Panasonic-branded mirrorless camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor and mount to be released on the market.

Panasonic GM7 is set to become the next Micro Four Thirds camera

There are not too many differences between the GM5 and the GM1. As stated above, the biggest change consists of the built-in electronic viewfinder that is available in the newer model compared to the previous one. Although it is too early to speak about the Panasonic GM7 specs list, it is likely that the upcoming device will be a major improvement over its predecessor.

panasonic-gm5 Panasonic GM7 allegedly coming in early spring 2016 Rumors

Panasonic GM5 will be replaced by the Lumix GM7 sometime in spring 2015.

On the other hand, the gossip mill has already spoken about the Lumix GH5. Insiders are stating that the next-generation flagship Lumix model will become official in spring 2016. However, the next MFT camera will actually be the Panasonic GM7, which will also arrive in spring 2016, albeit towards the beginning of the season.

This means that we should not expect to witness any major camera announcements from the Japanese company at CES 2016 in January as well as at CP+ 2016 in February. Nevertheless, we will most likely see the Panasonic GM7 revealed before the start of the NAB Show 2016.

Panasonic is working on a digital PEN-series camera with a built-in viewfinder

Beside the GM7 and the GH5, there is a third Lumix-branded shooter to be revealed in early 2016. According to trusted sources, Panasonic will unveil a new PEN-series camera.

The device does not nave a name yet, but one of its features has been confirmed: an integrated viewfinder. If this is true, then it will become the first digital PEN camera with a built-in VF.

For the time being, only tidbits are available on the web, but more are on their way, therefore you should stay tuned to our website to catch all the important information!

Source: 43rumors.

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