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Panasonic GX2 Micro Four Thirds camera begins to take shape


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Panasonic is preparing to launch a new Micro Four Thirds camera, which will become the first of its kind to sport a tiltable viewfinder integrated in its top corner.

The saga of the GX1 replacement started as a mild rumor, but more and more sources are reporting the same thing: Panasonic is working on a new mirrorless camera that will feature a tiltable viewfinder and image stabilization.

panasonic-l1-design Panasonic GX2 Micro Four Thirds camera begins to take shape Rumors

Panasonic L1 is a beautiful camera which used the Four Thirds format. The GX2, which will replace the GX1, is said to feature the same design as the L1, when it becomes available this year.

There is a new design trend which says “get back to the roots!”

Since both Ricoh (with the new GR) and Olympus (with the new E-P5) are getting back to the roots in terms of design, there is no reason for Panasonic to hold back, so the rumored GX2 will most likely look like one of its ancestors.

The upcoming camera will be based on the same design traits of the Panasonic L1, a Four Thirds shooter which has received a lot of praise during its launch, quickly becoming a best-seller. Anyway, the Four Thirds system is now dead and gone, and it has since been replaced by Micro Four Thirds.

Panasonic GX2 specs list has already been leaked on the web

The Panasonic GX1’s successor will sport a built-in flash and integrated articulated viewfinder. Additionally, sources are reporting that the optical image stabilization technology will be built-in, too, in order to stabilize the sensor when capturing photos and videos.

Such a camera has been spotted in several patents in the past. However, the purpose of those patents has been unknown until now. All the aforementioned features coupled with a brand new 18-megapixel image sensor, should attract a lot of interest from consumers.

Panasonic GX1 replacement release date is September 2013, after August launch

Micro Four Thirds fans are describing the next GX shooter as their dream camera, since it will pack all the important specifications and a new high-quality image sensor.

The launch date is said to be August 2013, with the Panasonic GX2 release date expected for this September. Minor reports have also said something about the new Panasonic lenses, but it remains to be seen whether the new GX will be accompanied by more goodies.

The L1 can still be found at Amazon in limited quantities from re-sellers starting at $250, while the GX1 is available for a price of $244.99.

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