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Panasonic GX7 launch date confirmed on Instagram


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Panasonic’s official Instagram account has just confirmed the existence of the GX7 camera, which should be officially unveiled in August.

Social media optimization can be a little bit tricky, especially for people without internet experience. Products are not supposed to be confirmed on official social media channels ahead of their launch, but someone has forgotten to explain this matter to the person in charge of Panasonic’s Instagram account.

panasonic-gx7-launch-date Panasonic GX7 launch date confirmed on Instagram Rumors

Panasonic GX7 launch date has been inadvertently revealed by the company on Instagram. The Lumix GX1 replacement is coming in August and it should pack some serious specs.

Panasonic GX7 launch date is August, according to the company’s Instagram profile

This proved to be a mistake due to the fact that the Panasonic GX7 launch date has been revealed in a comment. The company’s USA division has issued the following comment: “GX7 coming soon! Look out for a #Lumix Luminary Road Trip on FB/Lumix next month feat #GX7”.

Unfortunately, the comment has been deleted moments after being posted on Instagram. The company has probably realized its mistake and decided to cover it up. However, the “damage” is done and now we can look forward to the month of August.

Rumor mill got it right from the beginning

The Panasonic GX7 launch date has been rumored before. The Micro Four Thirds camera was supposed to be revealed in August and released on the market in September. Now this statement can be verified with the company itself, so it is the second-best thing to the actual unveiling.

Recently, the device’s schematics have been leaked on the web. They give a pretty good overall picture of what the camera will look like, while showing that the Lumix GX7 will be bigger than the shooter it will replace, the Lumix GX1.

“Dream camera” specs include built-in tiltable viewfinder and 18-megapixel sensor

Panasonic GX7 rumored specs include an 18-megapixel image sensor with built-in image stabilization, integrated tiltable electronic viewfinder, pop-up flash, and a 1/8000-second maximum shutter speed.

This shooter is constantly referred to as the “dream camera” for Micro Four Thirds adopters, but they should keep in mind that the GX7 might be very expensive compared to existing Lumix-series cameras.. The good thing is, however, that August is getting closer and the truth will become official soon.

The current Panasonic GX1 is available for $234.95 at B&H and for $259.99 at Amazon respectively.

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