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Panasonic GX7 caught seeking regulatory approval in Taiwan


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The Panasonic GX7 name has just showed up at Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC), the country’s version of the FCC.

All companies must seek approval from the regulatory offices where a product is sold. Panasonic must go through this process, as well, and this is a window of opportunity for rumor lovers.

panasonic-gx7-listing Panasonic GX7 caught seeking regulatory approval in Taiwan Rumors

Panasonic GX7 listing at the Taiwan-based NCC. The camera is seeking approval ahead of its official announcement, which will take place this August.

Panasonic wants Taiwan regulators to approve the GX7

If it were not enough for you that Panasonic USA confirmed the GX7 on Instagram, then you should check out the NCC listing, which also proves that the camera is coming soon.

There are little chances that the Micro Four Thirds shooter will not get the approval from the regulators. This means that all that is left for us is to witness the official launch of the product.

As stated above, the company’s US branch has accidentally revealed that a big event will be held in August. Although details are scarce, we should see at least one new lens introduced along with the MFT camera.

Panasonic GX7 to feature built-in tilting viewfinder

In the meantime, we have heard through the grapevine that the Panasonic GX7 specs list will seem very attractive to photographers.

An 18-megapixel image sensor will ensure that lensmen capture high-quality images. They will be able to frame the shots using an integrated electronic viewfinder.

Moreover, a built-in flash will lighten dark environments, while a 1/8000th of a second maximum shutter speed will ensure that users will capture fast moving subjects on camera.

World’s first 60x optical zoom camera announced

Panasonic has been very busy these days. The Japanese corporation has unveiled the world’s first 60x optical zoom digital camera. It is called FZ70 and it offers an impressive 35mm equivalent of 20-1200mm.

The device will go on sale starting August 2013 for a price of $399, which is considered quite low, considering the very long zoom range. The Lumix FZ70 is available for pre-order at B&H Photo Video.

Additionally, beginners will be able to take photos using the XS3, a slim shooter with a 24-120mm lens (35mm equivalent). This one will become available in Europe as of September.

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