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Panasonic rumored to launch new Micro Four Thirds camera soon


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Panasonic is once again slated to be developing a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor, which will be officially announced sometime in the next four to six weeks.

Beside the launch of the Lumix FZ1000 4K-ready bridge camera, Panasonic fans have “enjoyed” quite a peaceful summer so far. The Lumix LX8 high-end compact camera with a 1-inch-type image sensor should have been unveiled on July 18, but it has been delayed due to unknown reasons.

The rumor mill has been working tirelessly in order to determine the company’s digital imaging future and it has discovered a plethora of upcoming products. A Four Thirds compact camera and a bunch of lenses will be revealed soon, as well as the aforementioned LX8 compact shooter.

Another certainty is a new Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera, which has been speculated multiple times in the past. According to a source who has been right in the past, the new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is coming within 4-6 weeks.

Panasonic will unveil a new Micro Four Thirds camera in the next 4-6 weeks

panasonic-gh4 Panasonic rumored to launch new Micro Four Thirds camera soon Rumors

Panasonic GH4 is the latest Micro Four Thirds camera unveiled by the Japanese company. A new model is bound to be unveiled before the start of the Photokina 2014 event.

The timeframe provided by the rumor mill fits the period before the Photokina 2014. This means that the Japan-based manufacturer will reveal its new MFT shooter shortly before the start of the world’s largest digital imaging event.

The upcoming Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera will surely be present at the Photokina, where it will receive great exposure, as the event will be visited by thousands of people. Nevertheless, it remains to be determined whether it is coming alone or not.

Other details that still need to be discovered consist of the camera’s specs list, release date, and price range. The good thing is that we do not have to wait much longer to find them out, as a period of  four to six weeks is not so far away.

Uncertainty looms over Panasonic’s multiple series of Micro Four Thirds shooters

It would be very interesting to see which series will be further supported by Panasonic. The rumor mill has previously revealed that the Japan-based corporation has put at least two of its Micro Four Thirds camera series on hold.

The list includes the “GF” and “G” line-ups, meaning that the GF6 and G6 might never be replaced. Another gossip talk has said that the “GX” series’ future is in doubt, too, so the GX7 may be the last of its kind.

All-in-all, everybody agrees that the company has too many cameras series and most of them need to be axed.

The successful “GH” and “GM” models still have a long future ahead, therefore the upcoming Panasonic camera could be added to either of these two series. More details will follow soon, so stay tuned!

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