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Stylish Panasonic Lumix SZ10 becomes official at CES 2015


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Panasonic has just ended its CES 2015 keynote, unveiling several compact cameras, the first being the Lumix SZ10, a device that is praised for its “design and all-round performance”.

A new year has begun, meaning that it is time for Panasonic to introduce a plethora of compact cameras. The Japan-based company has joined the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 party with a few models.

The Lumix SZ10 is the first of them, one that is described as a “perfect camera for a night out with friends” because it is compact enough to fit into your pocket among other reasons.

panasonic-lumix-sz10-front Stylish Panasonic Lumix SZ10 becomes official at CES 2015 News and Reviews

Panasonic Lumix SZ10 has been announced at CES 2015 as a stylish compact camera.

Panasonic Lumix SZ10 revealed at CES 2015 with 16-megapixel sensor and 12x optical zoom lens

Panasonic promises that the Lumix SZ10 captures high-quality photos thanks to a 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch-type CCD image sensor and a 12x optical zoom lens, which offers a 35mm focal length equivalent of 24-228mm along with a maximum aperture range of f/3.1-6.3.

The company says that it has designed the shooter to fit into one’s pocket and to support the demands of people who love to socialize online. As a result, the Panasonic Lumix SZ10 is a thin camera with built-in WiFi, allowing users to share photos on social sites via a mobile device.

If you enjoy taking videos, then you should know that the camera will record 720p videos. For framing both stills and footage, a 2.7-inch LCD screen is sitting at users’ disposal. The display is tiltable, so you can capture photos from unusual angles, too.

panasonic-lumix-sz10-back Stylish Panasonic Lumix SZ10 becomes official at CES 2015 News and Reviews

Panasonic Lumix SZ10 comes with a 2.7-inch display on the back to help users frame their shots.

Compact, lightweight, and intelligent: the Lumix SZ10 is coming soon at an affordable price

The manufacturer has added several interesting features in the Lumix SZ10, such as Intelligent ISO Control, Intelligent Exposure, and built-in Optical Image Stabilizer.

In addition, these tools are joined by Intelligent Auto mode, which will automatically choose the best settings from a given scene. Speaking of scenes, the Panasonic Lumix SZ10 comes with an Intelligent Scene Selector as well as Face Detection.

For those looking for creative tools, this compact camera comes with Soft Skin, Slimming, Defocusing, and 12 other effects. The good thing is that users can preview the effects before taking the shots or edit the shots after they have been captured.

This “smart” camera also features Intelligent Zoom, which adds a 2x digital zoom to the 12x optical zoom for a total of 24x zoom. Panasonic will release this camera in a few weeks for a price of $199.

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