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Panasonic LX8 compact camera to feature built-in ND filter


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A new series of Panasonic LX8 specs have showed up online, hinting that the high-end compact camera will feature an integrated neutral density filter like the Sony RX100 III.

It seems like not a single day goes by without a mention of the Panasonic LX8 high-end compact camera. The company has already demonstrated its abilities of making a great device with the launch of the Lumix FZ1000 bridge camera.

The recently-announced superzoom model also features 4K video recording, a capability that is also said to be present in the Panasonic LX7 replacement. Either way, another source has leaked even more specs of the upcoming compact camera, which will include a touchscreen on the back.

panasonic-lx8-rumor-nd-filter Panasonic LX8 compact camera to feature built-in ND filter Rumors

Panasonic LX8, the replacement for the LX7 (pictured here), is rumored to feature an integrated ND (neutral density) filter.

Panasonic to add a touchscreen to the back of the LX8

The newly-leaked specs of the Panasonic LX8 compact camera include a swiveling touchscreen on the back. Although the shooter will also feature a built-in electronic viewfinder on the back, an articulated display will prove its worth during video recording.

Additionally, it may come in handy for users who do not like to look through a viewfinder. Either way, the touchscreen will support touch-to-focus, so the camera will focus exactly on the spot selected by the photographer.

The source has added that the image processor will be new, providing superior JPEG quality. A major change over the LX7 is the absence of a hotshoe. Since a viewfinder will be there as well as a flash, there will be little to no need to attach external accessories.

Speaking of the LX7, the LX8 will feature a design similar to its predecessor although it will be exactly 7% bigger than it, the source said.

Panasonic LX8 compact camera to come packed with neutral density filter

Perhaps the most exciting specification from all the newly-leaked ones consists of the integrated 3-stop neutral density filter. This is also available in the Sony RX100 III, the camera that will be direct competitor for the Panasonic LX8.

Users will be able to capture long-exposure photos in broad daylight as the ND filter will block up to three stops of light, which is quite useful and reduces the need of purchasing a dedicated ND filter.

Furthermore, the LX8 will come packed with an auto-closing lens cap, à la Olympus Stylus 1 compact camera.

Having said all that, the price of the upcoming shooter is still slated to stand at around $800. This is quite good, considering all its specs, which will include a 24-90mm f/2-2.8 lens, 1-inch-type sensor, and 4K video recording.

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