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Panasonic LX8 launch details “confirmed” by inside sources


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Multiple trusted sources have confirmed that Panasonic is working on a high-end compact camera, called LX8, which will become official on July 16 with a large sensor and an integrated viewfinder.

In recent times, a new source has revealed the fact that Panasonic is developing a successor for the LX7, which has been launched in July 2012.

The information makes sense, as the LX-series is usually refreshed once every couple of years, but unofficial confirmation from reliable sources is needed in this case.

Well, it seems like the details have been accurate, as people familiar with the matter, who have been right in the past, have confirmed that the Panasonic LX8 launch date has been set for July 16.

Panasonic LX8 launch date really is July 16, trusted sources say

panasonic-lx7-white Panasonic LX8 launch details "confirmed" by inside sources Rumors

Panasonic LX8 will take LX7’s place on July 16. The new compact camera will sport a larger sensor and a built-in electronic viewfinder, when compared to its predecessor.

Panasonic will introduce the LX7 replacement in mid-July as a high-end compact camera ready to take on the Sony RX100 III. Additionally, the Fujifilm X30 is rumored to become official on July 3, so the competition will probably intensify even more in the coming months.

Olympus is another company that is supposed to be working on a compact shooter with amazing specs. The so-called TRIP-D will carry on the legacy of the TRIP 35, a film camera that used to be very popular decades ago.

Although Olympus is already selling a high-end compact camera in the body of the Stylus 1, it seems like its place will be taken by a more versatile device.

As it can be seen, the rivalry is expected to grow, especially because sales are decreasing and taking the revenue along with it.

Panasonic’s response to Sony will include larger sensor and an integrated viewfinder

Previously, it has been reported that the Panasonic LX8 specs will include a larger sensor (when compared to its predecessor) and a built-in electronic viewfinder.

Highly-reliable sources have confirmed that the new Lumix compact camera will indeed pack a bigger image sensor. It would not be so surprising if it were to reach the size of a 1-inch-type model, up from the 1/1.7-inch-type version found in the LX7, in order to match the ones of the Fuji X30 and Sony RX100 III.

Its predecessor does not feature a viewfinder, although optical and electronic versions can be bought separately and attached to the hot shoe mount. Thankfully, an electronic viewfinder will be built into the LX8, so no more separate purchases will be necessary.

Amazon is still selling the Lumix LX7 for a price under $400 and it is worth noting that the camera has been well-received by the retailer’s customers.

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