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Panono camera captures 108-megapixel spherical photos


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The sought-after Panono camera, which captures spherical photos at a resolution of 108 megapixels, will start shipping sometime in spring 2015, the manufacturer has announced.

Crowd-funding websites are filled with projects that eventually turn out to be bogus. However, they are home to lots of interesting devices aimed at digital imaging enthusiasts.

One of these devices is called Panono, which has been developed by a company bearing the same name. This camera has secured more than $1 million in funding, thanks to its amazing specs list that will turn it into a fun and useful product.

Now, the manufacturer has announced the release date of the Panono, so we can reveal that the camera will begin shipping next spring.

panono Panono camera captures 108-megapixel spherical photos News and Reviews

Panono consists of 36 cameras with a fixed-focus lens. All cameras will snap shots at the same time, which will result in a single and spherical photo that covers a 360-degree by 360-degree field of view.

Throwable camera, called Panono, captures 108-megapixel 360-degree by 360-degree spherical photos

Panono is a special camera that bears the shape of a ball and the size of a grapefruit. All that users need to do is to throw the shooter in the air and it will capture photos when it reaches the highest point.

The device comes packed with 36 fixed-focus cameras that will all snap photos at the same time. The 36 shots will be stitched together in order to create a 108-megapixel panoramic photo that has a 360-degree by 360-degree field of view.

Panono creates a spherical shot that is sure to impress anybody, anytime, and to allow photographers to capture literally everything that happens around them.

Panono comes with built-in WiFi and supports iOS / Android mobile devices

This throwable camera features built-in WiFi in order to connect to an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. A USB port allows users to connect the shooter to a computer, but it is also the way to recharge Panono’s battery.

Panono’s specs list includes an internal memory that allows users to store up to 400 panoramas. However, the photos can be easily transferred to a mobile device and then they be shared on social networking websites.

The camera has a diameter of 11 centimeters and it weighs only 440 grams, so it will not be so hard to throw it very high in the air.

Release date and price details are official now

Panono is available for pre-order right now for a price of $549. The camera is available in two versions, black and green.

As stated above, the company will start shipping this device to your address sometime in spring 2015.

Several accessories can be purchased, too, and you can learn more details at Panono’s official website.

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