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ParaShoot camera records your entire life in HD


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People will be able to record their life in HD, thanks to ParaShoot, a very tiny wearable camcorder, which can upload your entire day into the cloud.

Humans have always been fascinated with recording their entire life. They think that this is cool and that it would remove the doubts other people are having when being told something extraordinary.

Since amazing things happen every day, a lot of people are complaining that they are unable to capture those beautiful moments because they do not have a camera turned on at all times.

ParaShoot can turn anybody into their own personal videographer

Matt Sandy and Colin Glaum have been thinking about this for several years and they have finally come up with an answer. They called it ParaShoot and they put it on Kickstarter.

ParaShoot consists of a small camera, which is capable of recording HD videos at 720p resolution. The device will allow anybody to become a videographer and to record whatever is happening during their days.

parashoot-mobile-devices ParaShoot camera records your entire life in HD News and Reviews

ParaShoot can connect to mobile devices using WiFi, in order to share or backup the footage recorded throughout the day.

WiFi connectivity allows users to control the camera and share footage

Moreover, the camera features built-in WiFi technology, allowing users to connect it to a smartphone, tablet, or another WiFi-enabled device.

Matt and Colin claim that they will release mobile applications for all platforms, so that everybody will be able to control ParaShoot. Beside using mobile devices as remote viewfinder, smartphones and tablets can be used for controlling the settings and uploading videos on YouTube, Facebook, and cloud storage services.

ParaShoot also features a 600mAh Li-ion battery, which should last more than a day of normal usage. Matt and Colin define normal usage as recording five minutes of footage every half an hour. However, wearers will be able to set the camera to record videos for other periods of times and at different intervals. They will only have to use the ParaShoot app for their respective operating system to access the settings.

parashoot-specs ParaShoot camera records your entire life in HD News and Reviews

ParaShoot is powered by a 600mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. It will last a day if you record five minutes of footage every half an hour.

Kickstarter backers will receive a free spare battery and 30-day unlimited cloud storage

The camera features a microSD card slot of up to 32GB. Backers will receive a free 16GB microSD card when pledging to the cause, as well as 30-days of free and unlimited storage on ParaShoot’s cloud-based servers.

Owners will have the possibility of uploading the videos wherever they want, but ParaShoot’s servers are guaranteed to maintain both privacy and security at the highest levels, in order to prevent your daily life falling into the wrong hands.

Moreover, Kickstarter backers will receive a spare battery and a neck strap. The former allows users to record videos while recharging the regular battery, while the latter is good for easily carrying ParaShoot and filming with it.

parashoot-customizable-design ParaShoot camera records your entire life in HD News and Reviews

ParaShoot’s design can be user-determined. They can add country flags or cool logos among others.

ParaShoot is customizable and can be worn around your neck

Design is another important factor. Since it is worn around people’s necks, it will attract attention. Most people will not know it is a camera because it is very small. However, backers can customize their unit with country flags and other interesting designs, such as a panda bear.

Matt, Colin, and their colleagues, Tim Goldburt and Alex Potapov, need $260,000 for successfully funding the project. More than $26,000 have been donated at the time of writing this article, though there are more than 35 days to go.

This is an ambitious plan, but they can make it, since it is a very neat idea. If you are interested, then you can donate at the project’s official Kickstarter page.

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