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Pentax 08 Wide Zoom and Limited 20-40mm lens photos leaked


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The first photos of the Pentax 08 Wide Zoom and HD DA 20-40mm f/2.8-4 DC ED WR Limited lenses have been leaked on the web ahead of their announcement.

Towards the end of October, we have heard through the grapevine that Ricoh has been working on two new lenses for Pentax cameras for a while now and that their release date is nearing.

People familiar with the matter have also revealed some information regarding the pair of optics. This is how we have learned that one of them is aimed at Q-mount shooters, while the other one is heading towards K-mount models.

The Q-bound unit went by the name of 08 Wide Zoom, while the other one was supposed to consist of the HD DA 20-40mm f/2.8-4 DC ED WR Limited lens.

In order to prove that the rumors have been correct, now we have managed to get our hands on a couple of images showing the lenses in detail.

pentax-08-wide-zoom-photo Pentax 08 Wide Zoom and Limited 20-40mm lens photos leaked Rumors

Pentax 08 Wide Zoom photo has been leaked on the web to confirm a 17.5-27mm focal range for the 35mm equivalent.

Pentax 08 Wide Zoom coming soon with 35mm equivalent of 17.5-27mm

The leaked photo of the Pentax 08 Wide Zoom shows that the product features a focal length range between 3.8mm and 5.9mm.

This means that Pentax Q7 photographers will have access to a 35mm equivalent of 17.5-27mm. Its maximum aperture will range between f/3.7 and f/4, depending on focal length.

It comes with SP coating and three aspherical elements in order to reduce flare and other optical aberrations.

The 08 Wide Zoom will become the smallest and lightest wide-angle zoom lens in the world, measuring 38mm in length and weighing only 75 grams.

pentax-hd-da-20-40mm-photo Pentax 08 Wide Zoom and Limited 20-40mm lens photos leaked Rumors

Pentax HD DA 20-40mm photo has also appeared online. This lens will be released in Black and Silver colors.

Pentax HD DA 20-40mm f/2.8-4: the first Limited lens with weathersealing

On the other hand, we now have a visual confirmation of the HD DA 20-40mm f/2.8-4, which will become the first weathersealed lens in the “Limited” series.

It will be released in silver and black colors and will provide a 35mm equivalent of 30-60mm, while its maximum aperture stands at f/2.8-4, depending on zoom levels.

Ricoh will release it for Pentax K-mount cameras as of mid-December with the announcement expected to take place in the next few weeks.

It is worth specifying that the optics will be launched at the same event and launched on the market concomitantly.

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