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Pentax K-S1 photos show up online ahead of camera’s launch


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The first photos of the Pentax K-S1 have revealed the DSLR camera in its full glory ahead of its official announcement, which is supposed to take place soon.

Ricoh has unveiled earlier this month the Pentax Q-S1 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera and the Pentax HD DA 28-45mm f/4.5 ED AW SR lens for medium format cameras .

The company is reportedly working on another Pentax-branded product, which should become official in the near future. The device is called K-S1, it is a DSLR camera, and its first photos have just been leaked on the web.

pentax-k-s1-green-leds Pentax K-S1 photos show up online ahead of camera's launch Rumors

Pentax K-S1 will come packed with some green LEDs on its grip.

Pentax K-S1 photos leaked, they reveal a compact DSLR camera with an intriguing design

The Pentax K-S1 photos are revealing a very compact DSLR with a rather weird design. The grip is unconventional, while the body appears to have been borrowed from a mirrorless camera, except for the bump around the viewfinder and the lens mount.

Additionally, this camera looks like it has multiple LEDs on the grip. These green lights are unusual in a camera and their purpose is unknown. A similar LED can also be seen around the DSLR’s shutter button.

The mode dial on the back of the K-S1 seems to engulf another well-lit button, so Ricoh might be aiming to kickstart a new trend in digital cameras.

Another trend implemented by the company consists of the naming scheme. After launch a Q-S1 MILC, it seems like the “S1” designation will make its way into a Pentax K-mount camera, too.

pentax-k-s1-back-photo Pentax K-S1 photos show up online ahead of camera's launch Rumors

Pentax K-S1 as seen from the back. More LEDs can be spotted and it remains to be seen whether they will hurt the battery life or not.

Ricoh to announce the Pentax K-S1 DSLR camera sometime soon

A specifications list has not been provided, but this camera will definitely support K-mount lenses and will feature built-in Shake Reduction technology as well as an integrated optical viewfinder.

The Pentax K-S1 DSLR also features a built-in flash and a hot shoe that should allow users to mount external accessories, such as a dedicated and more powerful flash gun.

The source, who has also leaked the images, is claiming that the camera is coming soon. However, a more specific launch date is not available, yet, so we can only assume that it will be announced sometime before Photokina 2014.

Companies are usually introducing their cameras and lenses before a major event in order to make sure that industry watchers are aware of their new products. This way, they will know what they will see at a trade fair which, in this case, is Photokina.

pentax-k-s1-top-photo Pentax K-S1 photos show up online ahead of camera's launch Rumors

Pentax K-S1 as seen from the top. This DSLR camera will be announced soon.

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