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Ricoh announces Pentax KP weathersealed DSLR


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As confirmed by the rumor mill, Ricoh has officially unveiled the Pentax KP camera on January 26. It is said to replace the K-S II and to be the company’s first APS-C DSLR with the Shake Reduction II technology.

Ricoh has introduced a new K-mount DSLR camera in the body of the Pentax KP. It has been designed for outdoor photographers, who want a feature-reach camera to meet their demands regardless of environment conditions, Ricoh said.

The device was mentioned a couple of times within the rumor mill. Most recently, trusted sources confirmed that the shooter will become official on January 26. Well, the predictions are now a reality, so let’s find out what the Pentax-branded DSLR has to offer!

Pentax KP offers an impressive 819,200 ISO sensitivity

This camera will be capable of capturing high-resolution photos thanks to a 24.32-megapixel sensor without an anti-aliasing filter. It is powered by a PRIME IV imaging processor, which also handles a maximum ISO sensitivity of 819,200.

pentax-kp-front Ricoh announces Pentax KP weathersealed DSLR Featured News and Reviews

Pentax KP features a new 24MP image sensor with amazing low-light capabilities.

Low-light performance can also be improved thanks to the 5-axis image stabilization technology, called SR II. It will provide up to 5 steps of stabilization. The SR II system offers two more features: Pixel Shift, which shifts the sensor in order to shoot four images of the same scene and turn them into a large resolution photo, and AA filter simulation, which simulates the presence of an anti-aliasing filter in order to reduce moiré patterns.

This camera can be taken outside without fear. It has 67 seals, so it is resistant to dust, rain, and cold down to temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius or 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though it is a tough camera, it is compact and lightweight, as it measures 132 x 101 x 76mm and weighs 703 grams with the battery included.

Silent, fast electronic shutter shoots images at speeds of 1/24000 a second

Pentax KP offers a mechanical shutter with a maximum speed of 1/6000th of a second. It is joined by an electronic shutter, which can be used in Live View mode, offering a maximum speed of 1/24000th of a second.

pentax-kp-weathersealed-dslr Ricoh announces Pentax KP weathersealed DSLR Featured News and Reviews

Pentax KP is a weathersealed DSLR which can withstand extreme conditions.

A built-in optical viewfinder sits at users’ disposal, providing 100% coverage and 0.95x magnification. Also on the back, you can find a 3-inch 921K-dot tilting LCD. You can use it for framing videos up to full HD resolution.

The autofocus system consists of a SAFOX 11 module with 27 autofocus points, 25 of them being cross-type. In burst mode, the camera captures up to 7fps. The built-in WiFi feature will allow users to send images directly to a smartphone of tablet.

Ricoh promises to release it by the end of February

Some things are missing from the Pentax KP. It does not have an HDMI port, but it is compatible a SlimPort adapter, which is said to support HD movies via the microUSB port. The sensor does not have a tilting capability for astrophotographers, as the DR II feature actually refers to a Dust Removal system.

Speaking of astrophotographers, GPS technology is not built into the DSLR. If you are intro astrophotography, then you will have to buy a separate GPS module in order to keep track of stars and other space objects.

Either way, the device will be released on February 25 for a price of $1,099.95 in silver and black color options. This price includes only the body, meaning that it does not come with a lens in the package.


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