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Phantom v2511 is world’s fastest high-speed camera


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Vision Research has unveiled the world’s fastest digital camera, called Phantom v2511, which is capable of capturing footage at up to 25,600 frames per second.

The development of high-speed cameras has just reached the next level. Vision Research, a company that is already famous for its advancements in this segment, has introduced Phantom v2511, the world’s fastest ultra high-speed digital camera that is capable of shooting videos at a frame rate of 25,600fps.

Vision Research introduces world’s fastest high-speed camera: Phantom v2511

phantom-v2511 Phantom v2511 is world's fastest high-speed camera News and Reviews

Phantom v2511 has become world’s fastest high-speed camera with a frame rate of 25,600fps.

Vision Research has announced that the Phantom v2511 is ready for action. The latest version of the camera features a 1-megapixel image sensor, just like its predecessors.

The novelties list consists of faster high-speed rate, increased sensor sensitivity, and improved image quality among others.

The company is claiming that the Phantom v2511 high-speed camera is capable of recording videos at 25,600 frames per second.

In addition, the ISO sensitivity now stands at 6400 when shooting color images, while reaching 32000 when recording monochrome footage.

A higher ISO is also one of the reasons why the Phantom v2511 is faster than its predecessors. The sensor is more sensitive, hence it can gather enough light to recreate a good image faster than before.

More features and details regarding the 25,600fps camera

The company has confirmed that the Phantom v2511 comes packed with a couple of HD-SDI ports, 10GB and 1GB Ethernet connectivity ports.

This new high-speed camera features an image-based auto-trigger. It is helpful for triggering the camera when it “senses” motion in live view. This way, it will automatically start recording when something happens in front of its lens.

Speaking of which, users will no longer have to buy expensive lenses with bright apertures, as the Phantom v2511 deals better with low-light conditions.

Vision Research is claiming that its new camera supports data transfers of up to 1GB/s, meaning that a 96GB video can be transferred in about one and a half minutes.

Manufacturer will begin shipping the Phantom v2511 later this summer

It is worth noting that when videos are replayed on a computer, they will be viewed at a frame rate of 30fps, which means that they are more than 853 times slower than the real deal.

The manufacturer has revealed that the Phantom v2511 camera will become available on the market at the end of August. The price is unknown, but you can expect this amazing piece of technology to be very expensive.

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