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Phase One releases Capture One Express 7 RAW processing software


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Phase One has released Capture One Express 7, a RAW processing and photo editing program, which supports RAW images taken with cameras from most manufacturers.

Phase One has launched the new Capture One Express 7 photo editing tool. The company claims that this software is powered by the most advanced image processing engine in the world, capable of delivering stunning image quality and color detail from RAW files.

phase-one-capture-one-7 Phase One releases Capture One Express 7 RAW processing software News and Reviews

Capture One Express 7, a software with very RAW processing support and a new set of tools which will improve the quality of your photos.

Capture One Express 7 is based on a new user interface

It is aimed at professional photographers who would like to process their RAW images with a high-quality software. The company says that Capture One Express 7 can import, organize, adjust, convert, share, and even print images.

The software is based on a new and “intuitive” user interface. However, many of the features are already available in the more expensive Capture One Pro 7, including noise reduction.

Capture One Express 7 can also recover details from underexposed photos or convert images to black-and-white.

Phase One’s latest software handles RAW photos taken with cameras from Canon, Sony, Samsung, Nikon, Olympus, Leica, and Fujifilm among many others.

Improve image quality and add special effects with Capture One Express 7

Capture One Express 7 comes packed with new tools, including Clarity, which reduces haze, HDR, which resurfaces details from shadows, and automatic lens correction. The software also processes images in a faster way, thanks to enhanced OpenCL support.

A new Catalog is available for the users, allowing them to organize their images. A search function is available in this tool, along with a comparison mode. Additionally, users can rate their photos and organize them by the rating.

According to Phase One, images can be viewed on iOS smartphones and tablets using the Capture Pilot application. Owners of Windows and Android mobile devices can view the photos in their browser, as there are no apps available for them yet.

Reasonable upgrade offers now available

Capture One Express 7 is available for both Windows and Mac OS X computers. The software costs $99 in the US and €69 in Europe. Users who own either of the 3, 4, 5, or 6 versions can upgrade for only $69 or €49. Moreover, if an earlier version was purchased in the past 30 days, the upgrade fee is free.

Furthermore, a 60-day free trial is available for download on both Windows and Mac PCs. Phase One is offering the software at its official website or through select partners.

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