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Photo Blogging Post Ideas – Beyond Posting Photo Sessions


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When I began writing a book about strategies for photography blogging success with Zach Prez, I wanted to provide some ideas for content beyond photo sessions. You can only photograph and blog so many paid sessions, so what do you blog about when you have some downtime, or when you hit a slow season?

Products and services you offer

If you offer albums, print packages, disks of images, or any other kind of product – blog about it! It’s good to dedicate individual blog posts to each kind of item. For example, if you offer three kinds of album, write three blog posts – each should include photographs of the type of album, details on how much it costs, what you love about the kind of album, and how it’s different from the other albums you offer. Spice up the post with quotes from happy clients who have purchased the album and why they chose it!

Once all of the blog posts are published, edit them to add links to each other. This way, a new client can easily click through all of the different kind of products you offer to learn about them. This will be a big help to you as you work on selling these products later – your clients will already be familiar with them, and may have even gravitated towards the ones they want to buy!

A similar kind of blog post is to write about the kinds of photography services you offer. This could mean different things based on your business; you could write about engagement sessions in one posts and maternity sessions in another, detailing attire, how long they take, your favorite locations, and any other details that you like to share with your clients. Or, you can talk about different post-processing options: what goes into retouching, the hours spent on it per image, different kinds of retouching (eliminating background noise, covering blemishes, etc.), and how much time and care you spend on your clients’ photos. Think about the various services you offer your clients, and dedicate a blog post to each!

Obstacles you’ve overcome

There is a lot that most people don’t know about being a photographer, like the fact that you’re a small business owner. Most clients need education on what work, training, equipment, and business management time goes in to your job. Many won’t know the trials and tribulations you’ve overcome to get where you are today – what was that first roadblock that made you successful? What changed in you the first time you took a photograph?

Locations you love to work in

Writing about specific locations is very good for SEO, and attractive to people interested in those locations. People search for parks, landmarks, venues, cities, suburbs, etc. Do you think you would get business as an LA family photographer if you ranked for Disneyland Birthday Party Photographer when people search for Disneyland? You bet! Writing about specific places also demonstrates your knowledge and experience as a photographer – you’re able to prove that you know good lighting, good places for poses, and you’re even a bit of an adventurer!

Get to really know your local area and its history. You’ll be able to use this information as you work with clients and chat with them, and also on the blog. You can incorporate the history and interesting nooks and crannies you’ve found along the way to create terrific photos and text content for each blog post.

Demonstrate your photography skills by discussing the lighting, noise, amount of crowd and other important parts of the photo session experience in separate blog posts. You can analyze a location and go through what kind of photo clients may like it, what times of day would work best for taking photos there, and other unique attributes of the area that may intrigue readers.

For more blog post ideas, or tips on how to create a great blog, get new blog visitors and turn them into clients, check out our book, Photography Blog Success!

This week’s blog post was brought to you by Lara Swanson. Lara is a professional web developer based in New Hampshire and also co-founded So You’re EnGAYged, where she vets dozens of photographers’ sites each month for their LGBT-friendly vendor list.


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  1. Sophie on August 17, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    We’ve been trying to come up with a way to spice up our blog, and these tips are perfect. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Amy F on August 17, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    Love these ideas, and spacing things out and linking to each other are great!

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