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Photo Makeover | Headswap and Background Fix


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This week’s photo makeover is from a customer of mine.  She needs a photo of her 3 kids together.  2 looked good in one photo.  One looked good in another.  Also the red paper backdrop was not big enough and you could see bookshelves, lightstands and her fridge in the background.  There was some dust and dirt on the floor of the paper.   The photos lacked sharpness and contrast as well.  So here are two before shots and the after shot once I was done editing.

Tools used: Clone Tool, Patch Tool,  Paint Brush Tool, Masking, Marquee Tool, Transform Tool, MCP Complete Workflow-A Touch of Color Action

3kid-head-swap-example Photo Makeover | Headswap and Background Fix Blueprints Photoshop Tips & Tutorials


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