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Surreal photo manipulations of animals by Tomek Zaczeniuk


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Photographer Tomek Zaczeniuk is the creator of an amazing photo series consisting of surreal photo manipulations of animals roaming the Earth.

Scientists are finding more and more evidence that humans and human activity in general are the main causes of Earth’s sixth large extinction, as thousands and thousands of species are dying each year.

Photographer Tomek Zaczeniuk cannot even begin to comprehend life without animals on Earth. The artist loves animals as well as photo manipulations, so he has started a project that pays a tribute to a number of majestic creatures that may not remain alive for too long.

Tomek Zaczeniuk’s uncanny photo manipulations of animals are amazing

Animals are an important part of keeping the balance in nature. Tomek (who can also be referred to as Tomasz) is aware that human life would be almost impossible without animals and a world without these creatures would be an extremely sad one.

The artist has combined his passions in order to create surreal photo manipulations of animals who appear to be traveling around the world, albeit some of them are shown as victims of technology.

In some photos, we can see the animals turned into homes, as to remind us that humans are privileged to leave among these creatures and not the other way around.

Tomek Zaczeniuk adds that human activity is also dangerous to plant life and that we must do whatever it is necessary “to repair everything we have destroyed”.

Nature’s balance is fragile and we must repair everything we have destroyed, says the artist

Tomek Zaczeniuk has chosen animals as subjects of his photo series because “they are better than humans”. In addition, his photo manipulations are a tribute to mother nature for giving the photographer “a place to live”.

Photography is described as a means to set our emotions free, while image-editing allows the artist to set his mind free and to reveal all the ideas hiding in his imagination.

The photographer is dreaming of a world where humans and animals live in peace, a world in which humans will not allow animals and plants to die.

He is hoping to raise awareness of the nature’s fragile balance through his astonishing photo manipulations of animals placed in unconventional locations for them, that are sure to put anybody’s imagination to a test.

As usual, more details and photos can be found at the artist’s official website.

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