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Photo of Usain Bolt winning and lightning triggers web craze


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A photo of Usain Bolt winning the 2013 Moscow World Athletics Championships has gone viral on the web after the sprinter finished the race accompanied by a marvelous lightning bolt.

There are only a few people who would need a Usain Bolt introduction. He is the fastest sprinter on Earth, having run a 100-meter race in only 9.58 seconds. This is the world record and nobody has even come close to this time.

Bolt has won numerous medals and titles. After winning a race, he always does a “lightning bolt” pose. It is like a predestined name and he is taking full advantage of it.

photo-of-usain-bolt Photo of Usain Bolt winning and lightning triggers web craze Exposure

Photo of Usain Bolt which has gone viral on the web. Two lightning bolts have struck during the 100-meter final in Moscow. Credits: Olivier Morin / AFP.

Usain Bolt won 100m final at the 2013 Moscow World Athletics Championships, as expected

As the 2013 Moscow World Athletics Championships went underway, the world was waiting for the 100m final. They were curious to find out whether Bolt will be able to regain his title, after being eliminated from the 2011 World Athletics Championships, which took place in Daegu, South Korea.

This time, the sprinter has not “achieved” a false start. Although he is not among the fastest runners on very short distances, he recovers the lost interval after a race’s first 40 or 50 meters. Either way, Bolt has won another final, just like everyone was expecting, thanks to a time of 9.77 seconds.

Olivier Morin captured a photo of Usain Bolt with a lightning striking dominating the background

Nothing unusual so far, except for the heavy rain and thunderstorm affecting the athletes’ performances. Prior to the race’s start, Agence France Presse photographer, Olivier Morin, had noticed that lightning bolts are lighting up the sky, so he has decided to setup five cameras focused mostly on Bolt’s lane.

Additionally, the experienced lensmen thought that it would be nice to try and capture Usain in the same frame as a lightning bolt. Upon retrieving the photos from the remote cameras, Morin looked through the shots, but did not find anything special.

Everything has changed when he arrived at the fifth camera’s photos. Looking at the small thumbnail did not reveal the “pair of Bolts”, but after opening the photo he went “ooooo!”

There it was! Usain Bolt winning a race with a gorgeous lightning bolt illuminating the sky. It cannot get any better than this, it is a “once-in-a-lifetime” photo, recalls the photographer.

Ninety-nine percent was down to luck, one percent was my work, said the photographer

Olivier Morin claims that it is all down to luck. He added that his work has consisted of setting up the camera, framing the photo, and pressing the shutter button on the remote trigger. This is just 1% of the photo, while the rest of 99% is down to “luck”.

Surely, having two “Bolts” in a single frame is unique so far and the internet has gone crazy over it. The full story is available on the official website of AFP correspondents, where the photographer is grateful for having the opportunity of capturing an amazing image.

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