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Photographer hoards and arranges stuff by color, creates art


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Artist Sara Cwynar has organized things in her studio by their color, then has decided to photograph the results and combine them into the “Color Studies” project.

Compulsive hoarding is generally considered a bad habit, but some people cannot hold themselves back. They will gather everything they find and will store it somewhere, although they might never use it for something productive.

Sara Cwynar takes images of same color objects in “Color Studies” project

A photographer has decided to use her “problem” in a good way. Sara Cwynar has been storing a lot of objects in her studios. Most of them are colorful, so this is how an idea for a unique project came along.

Colorful frames are greatly appreciated in photography, so the New York-based artist has arranged her stuff by color. The outcome is now known as “Color Studies” and it consists of a series of photos containing various things bearing the same tone.

Collection is about hoarding stuff by color and how objects change over time

The photographer has not been diagnosed with hoarding. Instead, she is a self-proclaimed hoarder. Cwynar says that she enjoys gathering stuff from wherever she goes, therefore her studio has been filled with unnecessary things.

Fortunately, combining talent with the knowledge obtained through studying graphic design and photography yields amazing results. “Color Studies” is not about contrast, it is about objects with the same hue and how they can “change over time”.

Photography links objects without any visible relation between them

For the time being, Sara Cwynar has managed to raise enough stuff for taking six photos. This means that there are six colors in the project. The list includes Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Grey, and Yellow.

The artist does not say whether or not she will add more shots to the colorful series, but, since she describes herself as a hoarder, she may well delve deeper into the project at some point in the future.

Most of the artist’s work is based on hoarding stuff

The hoarding experiment does not end with colors. There are other image collections on her website, such as Flat Death and Accidental Archives. All of them are well thought out, which is a sign of amazing imagination that is pleasant to the human eye.

Cwynar’s projects are mostly based on hoarding, but all photos are unique and true work of arts. As stated above, Sara Cwynar has a personal website where anybody can check out her entire work.

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