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Photographer rappels down towers to capture amazing cityscapes


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Photographer Carlos Ayesta rappels down skyscrapers and captures photos of buildings and cities from unseen vantage points in the “photographical concept on rope” series.

Architectural photography refers to taking photos of buildings which are or can be made to look aesthetically pleasing. Most of the shots are taken from the top of the structures and from the ground.

“Photographical concept on rope” drives Carlos Ayesta to rappel down skyscrapers to take the perfect shot

Photographer Carlos Ayesta proposes a different view by rappelling down the buildings and capturing images from various heights. It is a dangerous job, but the freelancer will do whatever is necessary to take the perfect shot.

The lensman is based in France, but he is well-known all over the world. His projects also include photos of people living in Fukushima, captured right after the earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan back in 2011. Ayesta’s images are almost surreal, but they are testimonies for his raw talent.

Abseiling down skyscrapers is necessary to capture “astounding” cityscapes from different angles

As for the architectural series, the photographer says that he abseils down a building from its top. He is strapped to a harness therefore one could say that he is safe. However, at those heights the winds are more powerful and there are lots of things that could go wrong.

Ayesta is aware that he is risking his life, but the idea of providing “unexpected and astounding” views of the city from various angles is what drives him.

Photographer combines magical window reflections with people living and working in glass buildings

His photos do not include just cityscapes. Carlos Ayesta manages to capture people living or working in the buildings. They carry on with their usual lives, while he is hanging on a rope to take mesmerizing shots.

The reflections of the buildings are equally impressive, but his nighttime photos will stir a number of feelings in the viewer’s heart. Seeing those people in the photos makes you wonder whether they have been added in post-production or if they were truly there.

Carlos Ayesta’s work defies gravity and impresses viewers

Ayesta’s “photographical concept on rope” includes skyscrapers, reflections, colors, people, homes, and offices seen from unique angles. They are all pretty amazing and well-worth a closer look, as they are something like most of us will never get to see in real life.

The photographer has gathered an impressive collection of positive reviews, but they are duly deserved. Carlos’ entire work is available at his website.

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