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“Photos At My Door” app markets products using Facebook photos


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A company has launched a website and application, called Photos At My Door, which allows Facebook users to create coffee mugs using their friends’ photos.

Facebook has been accused of breaching privacy laws ever since the social networking service went online. However, as soon as a user registers an account on the website, they agree with a set of controversial Terms of Service.

photos-at-my-door "Photos At My Door" app markets products using Facebook photos News and Reviews

“Photos At My Door” app sells coffee mugs, iPhone covers, mouse pads, and other products using your Facebook photos.

Photos At My Door is another Facebook application which breaches your privacy and copyrights

The debates have been fueled by another privacy hiccup caused by an application, which has been approved by Facebook. This application is called Photos At My Door and it gives users the possibility of creating custom coffee mugs, iPhone cases, key tags, and mouse pads using their friends’ photos.

Users have to allow the app to get a hold of their albums and the albums of their friends. After that, they can select the images and create custom products for a pretty small fee.

Unfortunately for users and photographers, they will not receive any money and they will not be alerted when someone is creating a coffee mug  or a mouse pad with their images.

Facebook is “OK” with this

Moreover, the whole deal is legal as Facebook’s ToS allow it, while Photos At My Door’s terms are elusive, meaning that the two parties may be covered if someone decides to file suit against them.

The only good thing about this is that only public albums are visible or the albums shared with the user ordering a print.

However, many photographers are using the social network to get a little more exposure. Most of them have uploaded beautiful photos, which could be sold for a few bucks.

Facebook has always been criticized for breaching the privacy of its users and their copyrights, but a lot of experts believe that this is the state of the internet.

Once photographers upload images on the internet, they are no longer the “true”owners of the content. Anybody can download the photos and go to a type of shop which can provide the same services as Photos At My Door.

Sadly, the hard-working lensmen will not receive a royalty if someone uses their photos, therefore, to get more exposure, they should turn their attention to other websites, which prevent internet users to download photos.

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