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Amazing photos of a couple’s wedding during Oregon wildfire


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Photographer Josh Newton has captured a series of breathtaking photos of a couple’s wedding during the recent Oregon wildfire.

It was supposed to be the best day of their lives. They had everything set up to get married and start a family after a ceremony in a beautiful place. April and Michael Wolber have decided to get married at the Rock Springs Ranch near Bend, Oregon. However, their dream day has almost turned into a fiasco caused by external factors, as a massive wildfire was spreading to the location of their ceremony.

As things have been sped up, Josh Newton, the photographer hired to capture the couple’s wedding on camera, has made use of his experience and has taken a series of amazing photos with the Oregon wildfire as background prop.

Couple’s wedding ceremony almost turned into a fiasco due to the recent Oregon wildfires

April and Michael have chosen June 7 as the day to get married. The designated location has been the Rock Springs Ranch near Bend, Oregon where their friends and family have joined them in celebrating their union.

Close to the beginning of the ceremony, the wildfires, affecting a large area in the state of Oregon, have begun spreading towards the location of the wedding. Soon after that, a firefighters’ truck has showed up with sirens going.

The firefighters have told the couple and their attendees that they need to evacuate the area due to the approaching wildfire.  This is when they thought that everything is over and their dream wedding is coming to an end.

Thankfully, everyone worked together towards convincing the firefighters to allow the couple to marry. Michael has told the pastor that they need to get married today and in this location, so they agreed to perform a quick ceremony.

This was probably the deciding factor, as the firefighters have allowed them to go on with a quick ceremony. A quick kiss marked the ending of the ceremony and the party has continued soon after that at a backup location in Drake Park in Bend, Oregon.

Photographer Josh Newton has captured a series of amazing photos of a couple’s wedding during Oregon wildfire

The cool thing about hiring a great photographer for your wedding is that you are guaranteed to go home with a series of impressive shots. However, photographer Josh Newton has turned everything into a masterpiece that has gone viral on the internet.

Experience allows you to have that quick-thinking which changes everything when there is little time to do a photo shoot. Josh thought that the wildfire would look great as a background prop for the the couple’s portrait photos.

The photographer has performed his duty admirably and the shots captured during the wedding have turned out great. The internet loved them, too, as they have been shared thousands of times on social networking websites.

More photos and details can be found at Josh Newton’s official website. Take a look at them and remember to never lose hope even when the odds are against you!

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