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Amazing photos of Hindu Gods and Goddesses by Manjari Sharma


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Photographer Manjari Sharma has decided to portray all Hindu deities and her impressive artwork is available in an exhibition in New York City.

Manjari Sharma is a photographer born in Mumbai, India who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is the author of an impressive project, which depicts the major figures in the Hindu culture, including Lord Vishnu.

The artist has noticed that all Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu religion are “available” in writings, artifacts, sculptures, and other forms of art. However, there is not much happening on the photography side, therefore Sharma has turned this in a personal goal.

Manjari Sharma hired 35 artisans to create the necessary props for her “godly” image collection

Most photos are pretty easy to capture. You can find yourself on the street or in the studio and sometimes you do not have to do a lot of work. Sure, there are artists who like to abseil down buildings and those who like to get everything right in order to create the perfect photo. In the former category, we have recently presented Carlos Ayesta, while in the latter category we now have Manjari Sharma.

Since the subjects of her photos are Gods and Goddesses, the photographer has had to make sure that the end results will be worthy of the Hindu deities. As a result, the people impersonating Lord Vishnu and the others wore a lot of makeup, wigs, costumes, and prosthetics, carefully designed by no less than 35 artisans.

After setting up the props and the subjects, Sharma has managed to capture some amazing photos of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Photos of Hindu Gods and Goddesses compiled into “Darshan” project

The lenswoman said that she wanted to create 6-feet tall prints in order to provide an accurate representation of the deities, so hiring the Indian craftsmen to create the props paid off in the end. A lot of work has been done by all parties involved, but the credits for the photos will have to be attributed to Sharma’s genius.

Furthermore, the exhibition at ClampArt, New York City, replicates a genuine Hindu temple with custom perfumes, lamps and special lighting, as well as audible invocations.

The project has been called “Darshan”. In the Sanskrit language, darshan means vision and sight, but it refers to helping someone reach his spirituality.

Complete Hindu temple experience is available until October 12

The whole project consists of nine Gods and Goddesses, including Vishnu, Ganesha, Hanuman, Shiva, Lakshmi, and Durga.

Sharma’s photos are pretty mesmerizing therefore the real-life prints must be really impressive, especially when the visitors will be surrounded by all those special scents.

If you want to view the exhibition, then you can do so until October 12. If you are nowhere near New York City, then you should admire the images in your gallery.

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