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Photoshop Tip of the Week #7 – CROPPING


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This week’s blog is all about cropping in Photoshop. Have you ever had a photo or even a snapshot that you liked but did not love. But you wanted to love it?

Well one great tool that can quickly effect a photo is the crop tool. Here is an example. My daughter Ellie was “holding herself.” She had to go to the bathroom mid shot. Oops. But I loved the feel of the photo. So I played with cropping and it changed the whole look of the photo. Here is the before and after:

Pre-crop:173001499-L Photoshop Tip of the Week #7 - CROPPING Photoshop Tips & Tutorials Post crop:

Here are details on using the crop tool. I get asked all the time how to crop and forget it may not be common knowledge to all. There is one error in my lesson below – you can actually crop to a specific size with the marquee tool. If you go to the drop down box where it says normal – change this to fixed ratio and type in the size. Thank you to a blog viewer for that tip.


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  1. Life of the Leatherberry's on July 22, 2007 at 7:03 am

    Tanks Jodi!! This was one thing I knew how to do, but it is nice to see I was actually doing it the “right way”. LOL!! One question, I wasn’t sure if I should email you this or not, but I am trying to learn how to make a nice looking watermark for my pictures; you know kind of a cute one like yours! I have NO clue how to go about doing this. Think you would be up to making a tutorial on how to make one??? If not it is ok:) Just a thought!
    Thanks for all the time you take to make these tuts! You rock and your girls are so cute!

  2. Life of the Leatherberry's on July 22, 2007 at 7:04 am

    Ooopps!! Should have said THanks Jodi, not Tanks Jodi!! LMAO!!

  3. Anonymous on August 1, 2007 at 10:51 am

    Love your blog tips! THanks for sharing!

    the second method of cropping– via the marquee tool…. you stated this method is not effective if you need a specific size…. you can. Change the style from normal to Fixed Aspect Ratio…. here you can set crop sizes… the marquee will only draw in the set dimensions.

    be careful tho… being the marquee tool…. it won’t let you make changes to selection once the mouse key is released!


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