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Picture of the week – using FREE Take Action on Cancer Awareness Action


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Here is a very touching story from a woman named Becky:

209113253-S Picture of the week - using FREE Take Action on Cancer Awareness Action Photoshop Actions

When I hear the word cancer so many emotions come flooding into my head. I think of my Grandmother whom I never had the chance to meet. I think of all of my relatives who, due to a rare gene that runs in our family, have had their colons removed to save their lives. And most often I think of my mother. She was diagnosed with colon cancer in early 2002, ironically just after we celebrated her 5 year breast cancer free mark. If only we knew C was hiding elsewhere. They removed her colon, but unfortunately it had metastasized to her liver and the tumors were inoperable. She went through round after round of chemo, and all the while I was so certain she’d beat it because she had beaten it before. Months went by and she was getting noticeably sicker and sicker, but we all still held on to hope. Then one day in October my sister-in-law and my cousin took me out to eat to break the news to me, my mother was dying and my dad was in denial. I got engaged that summer and we were planning on getting married after I finished school in a few years, but my relatives wanted me to know the truth so we could move up the wedding if we wanted to. We got married three months later, and a little more than a month after that mom was gone. My world crashed that day and it would take me years to pick up the pieces again. This past year my husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world and I can’t help but think of my mother when I look at Alice, I know mom would have spoiled her rotten. Then I think about when Alice is grown and has children of her own and how much I want to meet my own grandchildren. I’m bound and determined to break this cycle by being proactive and my own best advocate. I’ve already had 3 colonoscopies and 1 endoscopy and eventually, when I’m ready, I’ll get myself tested for the gene that runs in our family and if need be get my colon removed. I’ll gladly chug body cleansing solutions, spend a whole night in a bathroom, get cameras shoved in places no one would want, and go under the knife if it means I’ll get to see my grandchildren.

This picture is of my grandmother (who died of colon cancer before my parents even met) and my mom when she was around 11 years old. It’s one of the only pictures my mom had of her and I cherish it greatly. I used the blue colon cancer overlay over the whole pic and a touch of the pink breast cancer overlay on my mother as well for she fought both.

Thanks for the wonderful action, and good luck to your father in law!

Becky Bathje


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  1. KrysiaG on October 19, 2007 at 9:32 am

    Thank you for sharing your story Becky. It is very touching for me to read. You are such a great mom to Alice, and I am happy to see you are willing to do whatever it takes to stay here and watch her grow into a mother herself. I am truly sorry for the deep losses you have been dealt with from Cancer. You are in my thoughts & prayers.


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