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“Planet Pug” consists of amusing photoshopped images of a pug


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Photographer Michael Sheridan has created a hilarious series of photoshopped images of his pet pug, portrayed in markets across the globe.

Pugs are pretty funny animals. These dogs have an unusual look with very big eyes for their body size. They can also make themselves look silly as they are not exactly an athletic breed of animals.

Either way, pugs were amazing enough for the “Men in Black” movies and they are certainly cool enough to make it into a photo series. Photographer Michael Sheridan has a pet pug and he has decided to integrate it into one of his projects.

When you combine Adobe Photoshop with photography you can get stunning results. Not all photoshoppers use their talent to create artistic stuff, but this is not the case of Michael Sheridan.

Hilarious pug photoshopped in markets around the world in “Planet Pug” image series

The photographer included his pug in one of his photo projects, called “Planet Pug”. The name of the image collection is given by the fact that the dog has been photoshopped to appear in markets all around the world.

Furthermore, the adorable pet even changes his outfit, mostly consisting of his headwear, each time it “moves” to another location.

Photographer’s pet pug headgear is inspired by the market vendors’ outfits

It is pretty obvious that the pug is not actually there, but this does not make the photos any less hilarious. Still, not anybody can achieve this accomplishment, as Adobe Photoshop is not exactly a walk in the park.

Image editors have the hard task of perfectly placing the pug alongside market vendors wearing similar hats as the pet, so Michael Sheridan needs to be congratulated for his work.

The entire series can be purchased on SmugMug, allowing photography lovers to print the photos and put them to good use around the house. If you ever have any guests, then they will certainly be impressed by this cute pug.

Michael Sheridan portfolio is full of amazing travel photography works

Photoshopped images of pugs are not the only amazing things in Michael Sheridan’s collection. The photographer has real images of markets around the world, as well as stunning images captured across Asia, Europe, Africa, North / South / Central America, and other regions.

The wildlife, portrait, and other types of photography in Sheridan’s collection are all available on his website for everyone to see and they are definitely worth a closer look.

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