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Play the MCP Name Your Price Game for Photographers


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Play the MCP “NAME YOUR PRICE GAME” for Photographers

If you are a professional photographer, please enjoy playing this game.  If you are looking at your prices and wonder if they are on the high end or low end, you will want to check out the game.  And if you are just starting your business, this game will benefit you greatly. If you want more information on pricing, check out the Easy-as-Pie pricing guide for photographers.

Here are the details and rules:

  • The “Game” started on my Facebook Page. Some threads are very friendly, but some got a little heated.  If you take things personally, please do not play.  It is easy to take things the wrong way when you read them.
  • To participate, go down the list of items, sizes, etc – and click on the highlighted words.  This will take you to the thread specific to that product or print size. Enter the price you currently charge if you offer it.  Do this for each item you offer customers.
  • Also list your location – city, state, country, since these things often factor into pricing.
  • Please DO NOT attack specific people.  If you have general thoughts on pricing being low or high, that is fine, but do not target a specific person unless they come out and ask you.

Remember so many factors go into pricing and what works for one person, one geographic area or one skill set, may not work for another.

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Please make sure to tell your photographer friends about the “Name Your Price Game.” And share your favorite “Name Your Price” categories too.

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  1. Catherine Finn on November 2, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    Name your price for a Sitting Fee $75Name your price for Images on CD/DVD $225Name your price for 5í„7 prints $15Name your price for 8í„10 prints $25Name your price for Press Printed Cards single sided $1, double sided $2Name your price for Wallets 8 wallets for $20Name your price for Square Prints $40Name your price for 11í„14 prints $50Name your price for 16í„20 prints $75Name your price for Prints larger than 16í„20 20 x 24 $100Name your price for Gallery Wrapped Canvases $175-$275What is the $ amount of your average portrait sale $175-$300What print size is your most popular? 5 x 7sWhat product or size makes you the most money? 8 x 10s

  2. Bethany Shirk on November 2, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    Hey Catherine! I was looking at your website and your pictures are beautiful! May I ask how long you’ve been taking pictures professionally? … I’m just starting out in photography and am struggling with prices. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  3. Catherine Finn on November 2, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    A few years. I would suggest researching photography prices in your area and stick in that range. You never wanted to underestimate yourself but you also don’t want to price too high bc then clients will choose other photographers. Also, look at the cost and make sure you add on your time and talent. Make it worth your while!

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