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PlexiDrone is a quadcopter for your aerial photography needs


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The PlexiDrone is a new and ultra-portable drone that will allow photographers and videographers to capture aerial photos and videos with ease.

Aerial photography is getting a lot of traction lately. People want to use drones in order to record amazing videos or to simply snap some photos of their favorite locations. As a result, lots of unmanned aerial vehicles capable of carrying cameras around have been announced.

Not all projects may be interesting, but things are different when it comes to PlexiDrone, an amazing quadcopter that is powerful enough to carry around a GoPro Hero, a mirrorless camera, or even the Bublcam, another crowd-funded project that we already featured on our website.

plexidrone-specs PlexiDrone is a quadcopter for your aerial photography needs News and Reviews

PlexiDrone is everything you need from a quadcopter. It is compact, lightweight, powerful, well-featured, and smart!

PlexiDrone is a smart quadcopter that speaks to you and follows you around

The PlexiDrone comes with a myriad of creative features. The drone employs a built-in GPS and a Follow Me function. This tool will allow the quadcoper to fly autonomously and to follow you around, meaning that it can record your  jogging, biking, or even climbing activities without any further input from you.

This is a smart device which can avoid obstacles. If it determines that its path is blocked by a barrier of some kind, then it will avoid it and will continue its “assignment”.

The quadcopter is easy to control with a smartphone or tablet, courtesy of a free application available for Android and iOS.

Its swarming capabilities have been confirmed by the developers. This means that users can control several PlexiDrones at a time from the same Android or iOS device, making sure that their adventures are recorded from multiple vantage points.

PlexiDrone is very social and it will speak to you, letting you know when it is ready to fly. All other notifications can be customized, including the drone’s voice, so you can teach it your ways.

Ultra-portable PlexiDrone can fly for up to 35 minutes on a single charge

The specifications list of this drone includes a maximum speed of 70km/h and a flight time of up to 35 minutes. PlexiDrone will fly for a minimum of 15 minutes on a single charge, but its autonomy can be expanded depending on payload and weather conditions.

Its hub range stands at 1,000 meters / 3,000 feet, so users can communicate with their drones from a long distance. The cheapest way to get a PlexiDrone is to grab the Starter kit, which includes the drone, a hub, its battery, and a charger, for a price of $699.

The next price milestone stands at $769 and it includes a gimbal that will stabilize your camera. Many other price plans and details about the PlexiDrone are available at the project’s Indiegogo page, where it has already secured its funding goal.

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